AIoT Platform

Leveraging device data for better business outcomes truly unlocks the power of IoT. The ability to harness the data emanating from connected consumer brand or commercial devices, process and analyze it and convert into information produces high value. Product engineering, R&D and innovation leaders in manufacturing and service organizations can use this information to improve product quality, improve operational efficiency and mitigate risk more effectively.

AIoT Platform Architecture

Ayla’s AIoT platform is designed to work in concert with the device management services and includes the following capabilities.

  • Data Pipeline Processing – securely collecting and streaming data from the data to the cloud.
  • Data Management – cloud storage of data at rest in pre-defined IoT schemas by use case or vertical.
  • ML Algorithms – pre-built machine learning models to predict key outcomes such as device failure, performance degradation, and other risk events.
  • Dashboards – visualization solutions for end-users to understand the data and drive better business decisions

Supported Use Cases

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Ayla’s AIoT Platform and library of data science models support the following use cases:

Service Providersenhance customer experience and quality of service by mining router, gateway, and set-top box data for performance anomalies.

Commercial Equipment predictive maintenance of capital assets, energy management in facilities deploying equipment

Consumer Goods – improve product quality and performance by identifying patterns pertaining to non-standard usage or behavior

Business Benefits

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  • Reduce unplanned downtime and truck rolls by up to 25%. 
  • Improve consumer experience, minimize churn rate and unlock growth opportunities. 
  • Reduce product return rates through proactive performance detection and remediation. 
  • Mitigate risk and improve compliance standards.