Ayla AI Platform

TransformAI: Predicts and prevents Service Provider network and equipment issues that impact customers

Global Service Providers can reduce customer support costs in as few as three weeks with a pre-built solution that predicts and prevents service issues related to the core network, home network, CPE, and WiFi before they happen, which results in a great customer experience.

Flexible Ingest

Collect Data From Any Source

Ingest data efficiently, without ACS overhead from all your existing sources including 3rd party collection agents.

Normalize into meaningful data for DSL, fiber, satellite, or 5G.

Enrich to validate and enhance your data with 24/7 model validation and aligning with customer call center results.

Cloud-based to optimize operation with minimal impact on your existing systems.

Powerful ML

Insights To Maintain Network Stability

  • Library of pre-built ML models trained across millions of existing devices.
  • New ML models and anomaly detection modules are continuously introduced and enhanced.
  • A fully cloud-based solution enables quick time to launch. No need to install software on CPE devices.
  • Leverage the outcomes and findings of a global network of Service Providers, expanding beyond your local network

Comprehensive Results

Prioritizes Actions For Each Home

  • Anomaly detection quickly finds, analyzes, and fixes previously undetected CPE firmware and home network issues.
  • Savings calculator shows proven value by looking at actual call center data to determine impacts of proactive actions.
  • Supports leading consumer ecosystems including Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, iOS, Android, and the Matter standard.

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