Ayla Support

Ayla provides customers with a broad set of support options.

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Ayla Connection

Ayla Connection is a centralized area for customers to access documentation and FAQs on using the Ayla Platform as well as a location to receive alerts and notifications on the latest product announcements and service status. Ayla Connection provides an active forum for customers to share tips and tricks with deploying, managing, and scaling their IoT solutions.

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Ayla Developer Portal

The Ayla Developer Portal is the starting point for designing your IoT solution through configuration of the device digital twin. This portal interface provides a host of tools for managing virtual devices and testing in a sandbox environment before deploying functionality into production. Find more information on starting with Ayla and the Developer Portal.

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Ayla Device Management Dashboard

The Ayla Dashboard provides full-featured device management and OTA capabilities at enterprise scale. Including:

  • Robust device management capabilities including bulk provisioning and activation, monitoring, and maintenance. 
  • Rich set of troubleshooting capabilities with remote log access, data point diagnostics, and device-level alerts. 
  • Highly efficient and intelligent OTA update mechanism to ensure successful firmware updates. 
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