Ayla Fast Track

Ayla Fast Track is a turnkey white-label offering designed to meet the business needs of retailers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) looking to expand their smart home device offerings with secure, scalable hardware, software, and services.

To ensure rapid and secure connectivity, we’ve pre-integrated all device hardware with the Ayla Cloud so it will work seamlessly out of the box.

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Benefits of Ayla Fast Track

Ayla Networks’ new Fast Track offering has many benefits and is compelling for retailers and OEMs that prioritize device security and privacy protection.


Ability to meet rising market demand for connected consumer products


Minimized cybersecurity exposure and reputational risk


Higher customer trust through increased privacy protection and data security

Opportunity for retailers to evolve from selling commodity hardware to full smart home solutions

Ayla Fast Track Use Cases



Retailers that want to grow their smart home device offering(s) to include high-quality bulbs, plugs, and switches in an affordable, secure manner that can be controlled through a single mobile app.

Retailers that want to have a private brand of smart home devices with a branded mobile application can white-label these devices through Ayla Fast Track with a branded mobile app experience.

Retailers that already have ODMs for commodity hardware but are finding it cost-prohibitive can leverage Ayla Fast Track to replace the existing, more expensive module with a low-cost Wi-Fi module.



    Manufacturers of bulbs, plugs, switches and other products using a white label approach can benefit from the array of high quality, secure, cloud-ready components from Ayla Fast Track

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