Just over six years ago, a couple of us started Ayla Technologies — in my kitchen. Back then, an article about the Internet of Things might appear every six months or so. The IoT was definitely not a “hot” segment for investors, and the term “Internet of Things” was more likely to be met with questions than enthusiasm.

At that time, the “maker” community had started to embrace the IoT, but few large manufacturers had become engaged in the market.


In a few short years, so much has changed. Now, it seems like every major technology provider and most manufacturers are building in IoT strategies to make sure they remain relevant for this next stage of the Internet.

As we head into 2016, I thought I would share a few of my observations related to the trends in the IoT marketplace:

  1. The largest manufacturers are surpassing makers in terms of innovation and speed. In general, IoT evangelism is no longer required.
  2. Privacy and security are critical issues that are increasingly top-of-mind for manufacturers and consumers alike. If done poorly, these issues could slow the growth and acceptance of IoT and various “smart” solutions.
  3. Good news: We are heading toward “my home” and “my health” systems and more integrated app control. The walled gardens of early IoT solutions will come down in favor of interoperability.
  4. IoT = business transformation for manufacturers. They will extend the data relationship with products beyond the factory to include consumers, warranty, service and probably more.
  5. Cloud-to-cloud: Similar to interoperability of devices, there will be interoperability of services at the cloud level. To avoid having to keep pace with fast-changing protocols and standards, manufacturers of IoT products will rely on end-to-end IoT platforms to support the technology underpinnings that make interoperability possible.

Now it’s your turn. What IoT trends have you noticed or do you predict for 2016 and beyond?