New technology is announced on a nearly daily basis, making it difficult to keep up with trends at times, but some of the coming year’s trends can’t be ignored, at least where industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) platforms are concerned. As one of the leading IoT software companies, Ayla Networks has remained at the forefront by helping their clients stay ahead of such trends.

Safety Innovations

Industrial IoT software companies are making great strides in improving safety in industrial settings. For industries such as mining, coal, and oil, all known to prove particularly dangerous at times to both workers and the environment, IoT platforms and their applications collect and process data in real-time for analysis and additional oversight. Leveraging IoT technologies with robotics and automated systems can help reduce accidents and improve worker safety.

 Advanced AI Algorithms

 This year, more industrial settings will see an increased use of artificial intelligence for various processes and applications. More precisely, many of the programs and IoT platforms using automated processes and unassisted AI will see improvements in algorithms. Through the addition of machine learning and deep learning programming, your daily operations could become more efficient. With many industrial businesses using past data and processes to build personalized AI programs for their specific settings, advanced algorithms will be an important part of IoT tech in 2019.

 Industry-Specific Platforms

 Many more industrial firms will begin using automated platforms and technology from IoT software companies that can provide integrated and industry-specific functions. This will bring more options for automation and the ability to adapt to changes in real time. Through integrated industrial platforms, you can address environmental and safety concerns, monitor operational costs and address fluctuating demands with a single application on the IoT platform.

 Self-Driving Cars

 Although the days of having automated delivery vehicles and driverless taxi cabs running the roadway are still far into the future, connected car technology is certainly a thing of the present. Nowadays even the most average passenger vehicle boasts some type of connected platform. Industrial settings have also been exploring the use of driverless cars to transport oil or move iron ore, so it’s only a matter of time before such things become commonplace. Remaining at the forefront of your industry could soon mean investing in innovative IoT software coupled with driverless technology to perform daily activities.

 Let Ayla be Your Industrial IoT Software Company

 Implementing leading IoT technologies can help improve your daily operations, by increasing your safety and overall efficiency. We definitely know a thing or two about IoT deployments (having done this for almost ten years now) and can dramatically reduce your time-to-value, especially if you’re working with infrastructure providers like AWS, Azure or Google.  Contact us today to learn more about our commercial and industrial IoT platforms and solutions.