If policymakers and businesses get it right, linking the physical and digital worlds could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025 (McKinsey Digital). This is made possible by applying data-driven decision making to new realms of business and human activity. From monitoring products usage in homes and factory floors to tracking the progress of goods during transit, sensing changes in physical environments to keeping closer tabs on human vital signs, IoT systems can enable companies to get far more out of their products and physical assets.

Millions of connected products and devices are generating massive amounts of near real-time data. An ability to easily harness, manage and process this data is a game-changer for organizations striving to get maximum ROI from their connected products and improve business outcomes. With Ayla Insights (Insights), Ayla’s customers have access to advanced and seamless device and data management capabilities in a unified environment. 

Insights' empowers Ayla customers by providing easy and reliable access to actionable data. It is fully integrated with the Ayla IoT platform and preconfigured for immediate usage; removing the need to purchase and configure third-party tools for data analysis. Insights' provides manufacturers and operators with near real-time data about the health of their connected products and how they are being used. It provides an easy, affordable path to unlock data value by offering a way to visualize, analyze, and explore data and create reports quickly, regardless of device or application type.



Key Capabilities

  • A seamless intuitive UI experience with Insights access through standard Ayla dashboards (fully integrated with Ayla IoT platform - no setup or configuration needed)
  • Ability to enforce role-based access of data by managing permissions and privileges 
  • Access to preconfigured commonly used reports
  • Ability to get key data about products and devices like:

    • How often are products used, at what times, and for how long?
    • Are customers having any difficulties with the products?
    • How many are still in distribution?
    • Are device registrations growing over time?
    • Are the products performing to specification?
    • What is the geographical distribution of your products and devices?


Business Outcomes

By understanding how end customers are using their products and how the products are performing, Ayla customers can maximize ROI and optimize costs by:

  • Improving product quality in an agile fashion

    • Taking immediate action on discovering a serious bug or issue
  • Innovating faster, create next version products in as little as minutes

    • Making informed decisions regarding when to update the product firmware and what features to include
  • Creating a powerful feedback loop

    • Leverage actual product usage, performance insights, and context data to develop next-generation products
  • Optimizing Marketing, Sales and Support functions based on actionable data on product distribution and feature usage across geographies or market segments

Core Value for Manufacturers and Operators

  • Valuable actionable device data at their fingertips
  • No need to buy third-party tools or write custom code to gather analytics about their connected devices
  • Retain ownership of data
  • Access to advanced reports and the ability to customize reports

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