No matter the business driver, budget or project scope, Ayla IoT has a tailor-made solution

It is indisputable that the Internet of Things (IoT) is materially impacting several industries for the better, including yours. This shouldn’t be surprising - the IoT represents the expansion of the Internet, and just as it has disrupted markets such as multimedia, retail, software delivery and much more, it is now expanding to disrupt nearly all markets that produce physical assets. 

Ayla Networks was an early pioneer in the IoT market nearly a decade ago, with an ambitious vision to digitize assets and monetize their data. We were at the center of the early IoT buzz when enterprises initially embarked on digital transformation initiatives and experimented with connected products. 

Fast forward to 2019, and the IoT market has since evolved. So why aren’t many more companies actively adopting IoT technologies right now and reaping the benefits of this digital transformation? 

One of the leading reasons is the perceived high upfront investment to get started. Companies typically consider two options, neither of which looks promising when they are getting started:

  1. Build out a team and a platform: hiring a team, however small, results in hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional cost each year for an average sized company, in addition to any server/infrastructure costs – with no guaranteed outcome. Similarly, training existing employees to have new skills and do something they have never done can add business risk to the equation. 
  2. Leverage an expensive IoT platform: This path doesn’t seem that much more appealing, with customers worrying about high upfront costs of IoT platforms, potential hidden costs along the way, and the threat of vendor lock-in down the road that makes the IoT platform route a less attractive proposition.

There is a lot of friction that is preventing companies from adopting IoT and beginning or accelerating their digital transformation. At Ayla, we have listened to our customers and we are reinventing our business model to create frictionless adoption for our customers.

Ayla 3.0 Pricing Model: Pay as you grow

Like any platform, Ayla helps customers get started without having to hire a new team. In most cases, Ayla customers can get started without hiring a single new R&D resource. So we remove the larger upfront costs related to new salary expenses and training overhead. That’s a great initial saving vs. the “build it yourself” route, typically resulting in a minimum savings of $200,000 in the first year alone.

But we have taken it a step further. We understand that IoT is a journey and entails a maturity model. We are now making our platform flexibly available via multiple business models that allow our customers to much more easily scale their investment in line with their IoT digital transformation journey, enabling much lower upfront costs during the “exploration” phase, and enabling value-driven expansion and scaling from there on. We’ve also put a few packages together for specific types of devices to radically simplify the entire pricing process.

Here are the new pricing models we are excited to support:

  • Assess: this is the preliminary consultative phase of the project that precedes any technology implementation. It involves working with Ayla IoT’s experienced customer success team to evaluate the business need, ROI goals, resource allocation and ultimately making a clear business case. 
  • Explore: The first part of the IoT journey. For companies just getting started and perhaps with unclear goals and ROI (you are not alone!), Ayla is offering the low-risk quick time-to-value Ayla Explorer Program. This program, co-sponsored with our partner AWS, makes the full suite of Ayla’s powerful IoT platform available at a fraction of average market cost… providing an annual subscription for less than the cost of 1/6th the time of a single developer. 
  • Launch: Once the concept is proven, customers can easily transition to production launch phase with one of our enterprise packages, using either transaction-based pricing or per-device subscription pricing depending on the situation. As customers firm up their IoT product and digital transformation plans, they can select the pricing model that best matches their ROI expectations. Customers can thus avail a pay-as-you-grow path to leverage our platform via an optimizable mix of subscription + consumption charges aligned with business objectives. 
  • Expand: Following the launch phase, customers can choose to scale their deployment using Ayla’s public cloud infrastructure or go on their own with the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) model in which they pay cloud providers directly. Some of Ayla’s largest customers are processing billions of transactions each month and have successfully migrated to the VPC model once the transaction volume exceeded a certain inflection point. The VPC scenario is a managed service provided by Ayla Networks to enable lower operating costs while maintaining the quality of service management.

At Ayla Networks, we are true believers in the benefits of IoT digital transformation – both for our customers and ourselves – in removing barriers to achieving better business outcomes. These new business and pricing models combined with our ability to provide the technology soup-to-nuts – hardware, software, apps, analytics, etc -means we’re uniquely able to offer cost-effective options for any stage of the customer maturity curve. To learn more about the new Ayla Networks, and how we can tailor an IoT solution precisely for your budget and business needs, please contact us at info@aylanetworks.com or visit www.aylanetworks.com.