You probably don’t associate the colossal Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a good night’s sleep. But if Cambridge Sound Management and Ayla Networks have their way, that’s exactly the association you’ll make.

At CES 2017, Cambridge is officially launching its Nightingale product, the world’s first smart home sleep system. What does that mean? It means sleeping soundly in a room immersed in perfectly tuned sound blankets, created by two separate units that plug into standard power outlets in your bedroom. It also means a sleep system that can connect with other smart home devices to make sure you don’t sleep through things that you shouldn’t—such as dangerous storms, fires, break-ins, or delivery of that important package you need to sign for.

 Powered by Ayla IoT platform technology, Nightingale takes its acoustically advanced sound masking technology to the next step, integrating via the popular IFTTT (IF This Then That) web-based service with Internet of Things-based smart home products such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home Hue, Nest, and Ring. In this way, Nightingale not only creates an ideal auditory environment for good sleep, it also can be programmed to deliver alerts through its speakers or to turn itself off so you can hear a doorbell or weather update.

 “We think about what we’re doing as breaking a new kind of sound barrier: the sounds that prevent us from getting the deep, restful sleep we need to be healthy and energetic during our waking hours,” says Christopher Calisi, CEO of Cambridge Sound Management. “We’re excited to celebrate the next milestone of our business by beginning pre-sales of Nightingale at CES 2017.”

 Originally funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Cambridge Sound Management will accept pre-orders for Nightingale at its website, beginning on January 5, 2017—the first day of CES 2017. Kickstarter orders will ship in January, and pre-orders are expected to ship in February.

 If you’re planning to attend CES 2017, stop by the Sands Hotel. You’ll find the Cambridge Sound Management booth #42749 in Halls A-C and the Ayla Networks booth #41160 in Halls A-D.

 Also at CES, see Nightingale at Pepcom Digital Experience! at The Mirage on Wednesday, January 4, from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. or at Showstoppers at the Wynn Hotel on Thursday, January 5, from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.

 And learn more about the Ayla IoT platform, attend themed networking sessions, and see innovative IoT products from leading manufacturers and service providers—including Cambridge Sound Management—by registering to visit Ayla’s suite at Caesars Palace.

 And remember: If you end up thinking “good sleep” next time you think about CES, you can thank Cambridge Sound Management and Ayla Networks.