Weibo has long been a major player in China’s technology market, but it will soon likely have a wider international profile. Earlier this month, the company, which provides a messaging service similar to Twitter, filed to hold an IPO in the U.S.

The company is 77% owned by SINA, the largest Chinese-language web portal in the world.

Launched in 2009, Weibo boasted 129 million monthly active users as of December, according to its IPO filing. It allows users to post a feed of up to 140 Chinese characters with multimedia attachments, and in December alone some 2.8 billion of those feeds were posted,” writes Heng Shao of Forbes

Weibo was also the first commercial platform for Ayla’s technology. Last year, SINA released interactive weather stations in conjunction with hardware partners that linked to Ayla’s cloud and contained our embedded software. The weather stations allowed consumers to send Weibo messages to each other and the community at large. The cumulative effect was to allow consumers to create a granular map of the weather in places like Shanghai.

Internet-enable devices, in SINA’s view, could become a third platform, like computers and smartphones, for communication.

A number of other Internet companies from China are gearing up for IPOs as well. The U.S. for years has been a leader in all things Internet, but over the next decade we believe it will be more an international affair .