Earlier today, our latest offering, Ayla Track & Trace, went live on the AWS Marketplace. This solution is designed specifically for asset-intensive enterprises that face challenges in the cost and effort of managing their assets. This listing is the first of its kind in the industrial category on the AWS Marketplace.

What’s the significance of Track & Trace? Industrial and commercial enterprises collectively incur billions of dollars of expenses in managing asset lifecycles including registering, tracking, servicing, and disposition. This acts as a drag on the balance sheet and impacts business performance. Traditional solutions to address this problem ranged from manual methods to legacy technologies such as RFID.

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology has emerged as a compelling solution to this problem that affects companies globally across a variety of verticals including food manufacturing, automotive, chemicals, water treatment, aerospace, transportation among others. The use of a platform that is designed to ‘holistically’ track an asset – whether within a campus or facility, or in-transit between locations – using any network standard, is the holy grail of asset management. Knowing the precise geo-location of an asset, being able to trace its whereabouts, and monitoring its condition for anomalies is critical to effective asset management.

Ayla Networks has developed an end-to-end solution comprising hardware, software, and services designed to help enterprises not only lower costs but also improve visibility, reduce losses, and manage risk. The key differentiation is the ability to seamlessly track assets as they navigate from in-buildings to distributed campuses and outdoors, regardless of the network communications. For more product information or to request a demo please contact us.

The listing on AWS Marketplace is a major milestone as it recognizes the importance of asset tracking & tracing and reflects the rising market demand from AWS customers for these types of solutions. During these post COVID times as labor resources become scarce, the strategic importance of automation in industrial environments enabled by IoT is unquestionable.