Amazon Web Services (AWS) made a slew of announcements at the AWS: Reinvent show in Las Vegas this week. In addition to something called AWS IoT, they introduced services with interesting names such as QuickSight, Kinesis Firehose and Snowball. If you’re a manufacturer that offers—or wants to offer—connected products for the IoT, what do all these AWS announcements mean to you?

AWS Re:InventFor one thing, announcements like this from Amazon, Microsoft and other major players validate the importance of the IoT market overall. These companies wouldn’t be jumping into the IoT pool if there weren’t huge potential there.

For manufacturers that want to take advantage of the AWS cloud infrastructure, this new AWS functionality means more options to take your IoT business further. Still, you might be asking, where do we start? And how do we get access to all these AWS capabilities?

That’s where Ayla Networks comes in. Think of Ayla as the onramp to AWS for the IoT. Our cloud-based Ayla IoT platform makes it easy to connect products to the cloud (including the AWS cloud) and the IoT. We take you from connected-product idea to proof-of-concept implementation to ramping up to hundreds and thousands of IoT-connected products—rapidly and easily.

Our tightly integrated IoT platform goes from device to cloud to the mobile app used to control your connected products. Then, with our recent introduction of Ayla Insights, we let you take the data generated by your connected products and turn it into actionable business intelligence.

Connecting the Dots

Ayla has a singular focus: Allowing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to easily connect their products to the IoT and the cloud—so they can see how their products actually perform and are being used in the field, then use this information to improve their businesses.

Where do AWS and their recent announcements fit in?

By adding new building blocks, AWS is allowing Ayla to offer our manufacturing customers an even higher-level platform. We can leverage the goodness of the AWS platform and integrate it into our comprehensive IoT platform.

Ayla provides manufacturers with a compelling buy-versus-build argument for an IoT platform: Instead of spinning your time and resources—and hiring or purchasing the expertise—to build, manage, upgrade and maintain IoT connectivity technologies from scratch, you can use the fully baked Ayla IoT platform and remain focused on your core business expertise.

Similarly, AWS provides Ayla and its other ecosystem partners with a strong buy-versus-build argument. Instead of building certain common infrastructure capabilities from scratch, Ayla can take advantage of AWS building blocks and focus relentlessly on growing and improving our IoT platform and serving our manufacturing customers around the globe.

The very largest manufacturers—those with teams of 50 or 100 engineers skilled in all aspects of the IoT—might want to use the AWS building blocks directly. The new announcements promise to make life easier for these huge manufacturers.

But for the vast majority of manufacturers, Ayla offers a smarter way to tap into the AWS capabilities. By using the Ayla IoT platform, you don’t need to become experts in the full range of IoT technologies or stay up-to-date with the latest networking security, cloud computing or mobile user experience protocols and practices. You can take advantage of Ayla IoT platform features such as over-the-air (OTA) updates, LAN mode (for connected-product operations when there’s no Internet connection) and mobile libraries.

With Ayla, you don’t need to hire a system integrator (SI) or, worse yet, become your own SI for the IoT. Instead, you can concentrate all your resources, expertise and budget on designing and making great products. Ayla will make sure it’s easy and affordable to turn those products into great connected products—secure, high-performing, reliable and able to leverage the full range of capabilities offered by infrastructure providers such as AWS.

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