COVID-19 has irreversibly changed the business landscape in virtually every industry across the globe.

Companies of all sizes are rethinking and re-prioritizing their technology investments as they try to navigate these uncertain times, even with projects of a transformational nature. While the rethink makes near term financial sense, not staying the course may hurt companies strategically and competitively in the long term.

Ayla Networks has long partnered with manufacturers of smart home devices and commercial equipment to realize their business transformation goals through IoT projects. Even in these challenging times characterized by furloughs, cutbacks, and resource limitations we can still help companies meet their corporate objectives of cost efficiencies and long-term growth through launching or expanding the next generation of connected products.

Here’s another factor – durable home goods manufacturers will realize that customers are increasingly reticent to have service technicians ‘roll the truck’ to the home. That trend may compel OEMs to invest in IoT technology for remote condition monitoring and diagnostics, and move towards a preventative maintenance model.

As an example, one of our customers is a major midwestern appliance manufacturer that is implementing workforce cuts to the product engineering team while maintaining their original deadlines and goals of launching 5 new connected products by the year-end.

How can they do that? Ayla’s turnkey, flexible, pre-integrated, fully managed platform is how even a team with minimal resources can cost-effectively run IoT services and yet deliver on their business goals. They expect to generate 15% more revenue from the new product lines and grow market share.

If you’re a product manufacturer thinking of putting your IoT investment on hold, stop, and ask yourself – can I stay the course and come out a strategic and competitive winner in the long run? You can, with Ayla’s IoT platform designed for:

  • Speed and agility - rapid time-to-market, flexible deployment options
  • Cost-effective – low upfront costs and affordable ongoing cost of ownership run as a fully managed service
  • Enterprise-ready – consumer-grade experience with enterprise features including scale, reliability, security
  • Ayla helps you build business resilience and realize market success. We have over ~400 man-years of IoT experience spread over 200+ projects and can help you successfully optimize resources to hit your corporate performance goals

Learn why leading brands including Shark Ninja, Kenmore, De’Longhi, Nestle Water, Napoleon, Hamilton Beach, and Culligan rely on Ayla IoT for their digital transformation initiatives. Contact us for a product demonstration or to schedule a consultation.