xalexa-logo.png.pagespeed.ic.3asJHSVLuF.pngAccording to Parks Associates, a leading market research firm, more than 25% of US households with a broadband connection have a smart home device, while more than 60% of ‘smart’ households own more than one device including thermostats, networked cameras, smart lightbulbs and video doorbells. One of the key factors driving the high adoption of smart devices is the emergence and popularity of personal assistants such as Amazon Alexa, which offers unparalleled convenience of voice interface controls and has transformed the smart home landscape.

Ayla Networks has always been at the forefront of smart home innovation and introduced support for voice interfaces as early as 2016. Today over 30% of our connected home manufacturers are integrated with Alexa, which is driving a superior customer experience and 5-star ratings from their end users. While the early versions of Alexa had limited capabilities, subsequent versions have increased in sophistication, making it significantly more complex to integrate products with.

However last month Ayla Networks reached a major milestone when we announced support for Alexa V3, (with official certification from AWS) and became one of the only IoT software vendors to offer it as a managed service. This is an accomplishment we’re extremely proud of, a testimony to the perseverance and technical prowess of our engineering, customer success and product teams.

Why is this significant? For one, the new Alexa includes a broader range of certified out-of-box Smart home skills (based on the Alexa interface) as well as custom skills (developed for the manufacturer), all of which are supported by Ayla Networks. The other major change is the ‘proactive report state’ feature, which allows the device to provide an updated status back to Alexa, through the Ayla Networks Cloud. This is a daunting challenge because the combined latency of the device action and report state action cannot exceed a couple of seconds – and Ayla’s high-performance, high availability event service guarantees a timely device state report.

Lastly, we’ve made our approach future-proofed for customers by building a decoupled architecture with reusable foundation services that would easily allow new devices to be integrated in a matter of days, not months, for any current or future versions of Alexa. We’re already seeing successful integration outcomes with leading smart home manufacturers such as Leaksmart, Hunter Fan, Shark Ninja, and others whose next generation products now ‘work with Alexa’ – resulting in dramatically improved customer experiences and 5-star product ratings from end users.

Ayla is pioneering voice integration as a managed service. What this model means is that customers need not worry about future versions of Alexa or integrating/on-boarding new devices – with Ayla it just works seamlessly. This is a potential game-changer as more home devices come under the scope of voice control, whether the use case is comfort, safety & security or energy management. We’re excited about the leading-edge innovation we bring to bear – to the benefit and satisfaction of our customers, and to their customers.

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