IoT adoption is on the rise among consumer and commercial manufacturers, yet the rate of growth remains below expectations. Part of the reason is the sheer technical complexity of the hardware, software, and services needed to get going which creates barriers to adoption even if the business benefits are understood. The key to success is to recognize that IoT adoption is a multi-stage journey that reflects a customer maturity model.

The first stage of that journey is enabling users to try IoT before they buy. On August 15th Ayla Networks is launching its own new trial program, designed to allow product engineers, developers, embedded product experts, and other technical members to get their hands on a developer kit and explore at a basic level how to quickly and easily bring a connected device to life. The kit will include an Ayla Wi-Fi Shield mounted on an STM32 Nucleo board, developer access to the Ayla Portals, mobile application, host software libraries, and relevant user guides. The kit will allow developers to connect and explore the Ayla platform (within minutes) while also jump-starting device application development with the easy-to-follow guides and code samples. This will be the key first step is creating a frictionless IoT experience and democratizing this powerful technology. 

The trial is designed for self-service, but users are not entirely on their own. They can seek help from Ayla’s expert sales engineers or customer success teams to ensure they’re getting full value from the platform. Simultaneously we will provide other relevant content – how-to videos, technical documentation, etc – to enhance the trial experience and maximize exposure all aspects of the platform including connectivity, security, device control, and mobile.


The Ayla trial program is not just intended to be a product-centric experience, rather a holistic exposure to the real-world strategic drivers through representative case studies. Select participants in the trial program will be invited to reference calls with customers describing their IoT success stories.

We believe this new paradigm of engaged trial experience is critical to the overall success of IoT and will empower product managers with the confidence and assurance to make the internal IoT business case to the key decision-makers. It will also enable the customer to easily transition to the next phase of running a proof of concept (PoC) with up to 100 devices and scaling it further to an enterprise deployment in a pay-as-you-go model designed to minimize risk.

Register now and give us a try. If you have questions about the trial program or would like to request a consultation, please contact us.