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    Ayla Protects Against Espressif 32/8266 Security Vulnerabilities

    Posted by Sahir Sait , Peter Hunt on Sep 9, 2019

    On September 3, 2019, the ASSET Research Group published their discovery of three security vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi protocol code used in the popular ESP32 and ESP8266 chipsets from Espressif, specifically relating to the extensible authentication protocol (EAP).

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    Ayla Provides End-to-End Protection Against KRACK Attacks

    Posted by Peter Hunt on Oct 18, 2017

    Providing IoT security is an ongoing effort, not a one-time process. New threats will always emerge. The latest vulnerability to present itself is the Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK), which exploits a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocols that are commonly used on Wi-Fi networks. The vulnerability allows attackers to intercept and inspect data that was encrypted by the Wi-Fi network.

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    Ask Ayla - Question 11 - What Can Manufacturers do to Protect Themselves Against DDoS Attacks?

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Nov 15, 2016

    Hi Ayla, Besides pleading with end users to change the passwords on their various IoT devices, what can manufacturers do to prevent their products from being hacked and used in DDoS attacks?

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    We’re All Responsible for Good IoT Security

    Posted by Adrian Caceres on Oct 26, 2016

    On Friday morning (21 October 2016), there was a massive DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on a DNS (Domain Name System) provider, which caused many websites to become unreachable. The cyberattack has been labeled an IoT-based attack. I thought I would elaborate on it and share some thoughts on what manufacturers and we, as consumers, need to do to prevent similar attacks from occurring in the future.

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    How IoT Is Changing The Face Of Physical Security

    Posted by Ralph Goodman on Sep 7, 2016

    Standardization of security measures for the IoT is impractical, if not impossible, due to the incredible diversity of products connecting to the IoT, all with varying security needs. For instance, securing a connected water heater or thermostat is quite different from securing a connected baby monitor or fitness tracker.

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    Ask Ayla - Question 2 - What About Security?

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Sep 2, 2016

    You are right to have security on your mind. Coping with the complex and fast-changing security demands of a connected product is one of the main issues facing manufacturers in the IoT today, and it’s one of the areas consumers are most concerned about. Given that, security strategies must be included from the outset of your design process.

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    Heads Up: Prepare Now for New EU Data Privacy Regulations -  Part Two - Helping Customers Comply

    Posted by Craig Payne on Aug 26, 2016

    This is Part Two on EU Data Privacy Regulations and our conversation with Craig Payne, Security and Privacy Officer at Ayla, to highlight some things you need to know as the 2018 GDPR deadline approaches.

    In Part One, Payne explained what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)is, who is subject to it, what the fines are for violating it and when it goes into effect (May 25, 2018).

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    Heads Up: Prepare Now for New EU Data Privacy Regulations -  Part One - Demystifying the GDPR

    Posted by Craig Payne on Aug 17, 2016

    As if data privacy rules and regulations weren’t complicated enough already, the European Union has adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on May 25, 2018. Be forewarned that the fines for violating the GDPR are substantial, and ignorance of the regulation is not a defense.

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    The security nightmare: Do you have a clue?

    Posted by Sandrine Chaumette on May 19, 2016

    At Disrupt New York 2016, panelists, Nate Cardozo, Marten Mickos, discussed how well manufacturers were performing with respect to making their IoT devices secure. The big question posed was a tough one: Is confidential consumer information secure?

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    IoT West Show Recap: Is IoT Security Even Possible?

    Posted by Sudha Sundaresan on Nov 11, 2015

    At the recent IoT West show in Las Vegas, I was on a panel with Nolan Mondrow, founder and CEO of LockState, on the topic: “Is IoT Security Even Possible?” We talked about Internet of Things (IoT) security from two perspectives: the platform (me) and a manufacturer (Nolan).

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    An end-to-end approach is needed for IoT device security

    Posted by Vish Pai on May 22, 2015

    As IoT Devices Proliferate, the Vulnerabilities Scale Linearly 

    Most of the "things" connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) are produced companies not accustomed to thinking in terms of connectivity. These manufacturers are experts in water heaters or door locks or coffee makers, but they probably don't know what a really good connected water heater or door lock or coffee maker should be. And they certainly haven't had to worry about the kinds of security threats that come with IoT connectivity.

  • Ayla CEO Touches on the Importance of Security Patching in the Internet of Things

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Feb 26, 2014

    Who is supposed to apply security patches in the Internet of Things? What should a patch management program look like and how can it be implemented?

    These are just some of the questions facing the Internet of Things (IoT) as more and more devices are being connected and in February’s contribution to the IoTWorld Community site, Ayla Networks’ CEO, Dave Friedman, shares how end-to-end cloud providers can provide all of the tools to manage devices, security, and patching with robust Over-the-Air update support.

  • Ayla CEO Defines Enterprise-Class Security Requirements for Protecting IoT

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Nov 25, 2013

    In this month's contribution to the IoT World community site, Ayla Networks' CEO, Dave Friedman, defines the need for strong security for keeping hackers away from the Internet of Things, including 7 enterprise-class security principles when considering an IoT platform to connect your products: