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  • lpwan

    Introducing Ayla's LPWAN Cellular Platform for IoT

    Posted by Josh Pederson on Jan 9, 2019

    The arrival of LPWAN services is a game-changer for IoT by enabling cost-effective options for cellular product development. Learn what Ayla's cellular platform can offer.

  • Put Deployed Devices in the IoT Game with AylaIQ

    Posted by Josh Pederson on Jan 4, 2019

    IoT isn’t just for new generation products coming hot off the manufacturing line and into the hands of customers. The entire promise of IoT, from mobile control to data analytics, is also available for deployed devices already active in the field with the AylaIQ solution.

  • Brinks Home Security Logo( )

    Congrats to Hampton, Big Award Winner at 2017 NAHB International Builder Show

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Feb 9, 2017

    The Brink’s Home Security ARRAY smart lock from Hampton Products International was awarded “Best Indoor Living Product” at the International Builders’ Show (IBS), held in Orlando in January. ARRAY was chosen from among more than 400 entries in nine categories. 

  • Blog

    Ayla and Cambridge Sound Management Aim to Break a New Kind of Sound Barrier

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Jan 6, 2017

    You probably don’t associate the colossal Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a good night’s sleep. But if Cambridge Sound Management and Ayla Networks have their way, that’s exactly the association you’ll make.

  • Webinar Pic

    September and October Webinars - What Manufacturers Need To Know Before Creating 'Connected Home' Products

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Sep 27, 2016

    Creating connected home appliances requires more than just embedding a wireless chip or adding a sensor to an existing product. Manufacturers must clearly define use cases and additional services, prioritize security and privacy, design for usability, configurability and scale, add value, and differentiate their connected product.

  • keys to success

    Keys to Success in the IoT and Smart Home Market

    Posted by Ayla Networks on May 10, 2016

    In a recent “Smart Home Monetization” webinar, Michael Wolf, founder and Chief Analyst of NextMarket Insights, outlined the major foundational technology shifts of the past decade that paved the way to the IoT and smart home market. The five foundational technology shifts he identified are:

    • Broadband as a platform
    • Moore’s Law
    • The low cost of connectivity
    • Emergence of the cloud
    • Business model innovation
  • goldielocks

    LockState Uses a ‘Goldilocks’ Approach to Choosing an IoT Platform

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Apr 20, 2016

    When LockState decided in 2011 to evolve its traditional keyless locks and safes into connected access control systems, CEO and Founder Nolan Mondrow knew it would be a daunting process.

    “We understood the difficulty and risks involved with designing and manufacturing connected door locks,” Nolan said. “We’re not specialists in everything needed, especially in security at the networking, cloud, and mobile app levels.”

  • IoT Business Impact Award

    Ayla’s Customers are Winners—Literally!

    Posted by Rod McLane on Feb 10, 2016

    Ayla Networks is honored to have a stellar group of customers, who are leveraging our IoT platform technology to create products that highlight the value and the promise of the IoT.

    That’s why it’s especially sweet when the world at large publicly acknowledges our customers’ work—which has happened with three of them recently.

  • Ayla Customer Spotlight: Weibo Files for IPO

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Apr 7, 2014

    Weibo has long been a major player in China’s technology market, but it will soon likely have a wider international profile. Earlier this month, the company, which provides a messaging service similar to Twitter, filed to hold an IPO in the U.S.

    The company is 77% owned by SINA, the largest Chinese-language web portal in the world.

  • Ayla Percolates at the NESCAFE Startup Challenge at CES 2014

    Posted by Rob Markovich on Jan 11, 2014

    The world’s largest brand manufacturers are now realizing the full impact of what the Internet of Things can mean for creating long term connections to their customers, extending market share and profitability.

    But with the cycle of innovation accelerating in a world of constant consumer adaption and the threads of connectivity so quickly interweaving across more of our everyday lives, how can these global brand manufacturers efficiently unearth innovations and opportunities that startups so often pioneer?

  • Agriculture: The First Big Industrial IoT Market?

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Sep 25, 2013

    Where will the Internet of Things get its first big foothold in the business world?

    A number of companies are already rolling out smart thermostats and lighting systems to reduce energy consumption and utility bills in commercial buildings. Others want to instrument aircraft engines and trains to save fuel and monitor equipment wear and tear.