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  • What is IoT Asset Management & Why Do You Need It?

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Feb 22, 2019

    Ayla Networks' IoT platform has been providing asset management services for IoT devices for years and is helping hundreds of clients improve their daily operations. Here, are some IoT asset management facts and reasons why it is necessary.

  • Mobile World Congress 2018: The Thunder of 5G and Quiet Arrival of Device Virtualization

    Posted by Josh Pederson on Mar 6, 2018

    Barcelona is awesome. Even with snow and pick pockets, the city delivered big on the promise of amazing tapas and an exciting event with Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week.

  • Taking the First Steps Toward Realizing the Promise of IoT

    Posted by Chitra Madhwacharyula on Jan 22, 2018

    Chitra Madhwacharyula, Ayla's Director of Customer Success & Education, gives her recommendations on how to overcome common unknowns and entry barriers in the IoT.

  • Why a Customer Success Organization is Crucial in IoT PaaS

    Posted by Chitra Madhwacharyula on Aug 22, 2017

    Chitra Madhwacharyula, Ayla's Director of Customer Success & Education, talks about the importance of education and consulting in the IoT space.

  • Survey Says... Where Might the IoT Be Headed?

    Posted by Ayla Networks on May 24, 2017

    This is the final installment in a 5-part series on Ayla Network’s IoT survey on the “Biggest Opportunities and Challenges of IoT-Enabled Products and Services.”

  • Survey Says... Top Considerations for IoT Evaluation and Development

    Posted by Ayla Networks on May 3, 2017

    This is the fourth installment in a 5-part series on Ayla Network’s IoT survey on the “Biggest Opportunities and Challenges of IoT-Enabled Products and Services.”

  • Survey Says... Taking a Mixed Approach to IoT Developmentblt5bcc55015cd68d9a

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Apr 21, 2017

    This is the third installment in a 5-part series on Ayla Network’s IoT survey on the “Biggest Opportunities and Challenges of IoT-Enabled Products and Services.”

  • Could Insurance Be a Lever for Smart-Home Product Acceptance?

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Apr 12, 2017

    Here’s something for makers of Internet of Things (IoT) products to ponder: A majority of American homeowners might be willing to invest in smart-home products to get discounts on property insurance.

  • Survey Says...Maybe Jumping into the IoT is a Good Bet

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Apr 10, 2017

    This is the second installment in 5-part series on Ayla Network’s IoT survey on the “Biggest Opportunities and Challenges of IoT-Enabled Products and Services.”

  • Survey Says... A Snapshot of the IoT

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Mar 31, 2017

    This is the first installment in 5-part series on Ayla Network’s IoT survey on the “Biggest Opportunities and Challenges of IoT-Enabled Products and Services.”

  • Ask Ayla - Question 14 - What is the ROI for Companies Pursuing IoT Projects?

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Mar 17, 2017

    Hi Ayla, We’re embarking on an IoT project. How can we be sure the benefits of the project will outweigh the costs? What is the ROI for an IoT project?

  • How IoT Is Changing The Face Of Physical Security

    Posted by Ralph Goodman on Sep 7, 2016

    Standardization of security measures for the IoT is impractical, if not impossible, due to the incredible diversity of products connecting to the IoT, all with varying security needs. For instance, securing a connected water heater or thermostat is quite different from securing a connected baby monitor or fitness tracker.

  • Eliminating the Confusion: MachNation Defines the Five Types of IoT Platforms

    Posted by Dima Tokar, Co-Founder & CTO at MachNation on Jun 28, 2016

    The IoT platform space has continued to grow into one of the most critical technology sectors of the Internet of Things (IoT). According to MachNation forecasts, the combined worldwide revenues of IoT platforms that are described in this blog will be USD 9.3 billion in 2016, growing to USD 214.0 billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42% over the period. MachNation has written extensively about the importance of selecting proper IoT middleware – especially an IoT AEP – to ensure the secure and efficient collection, analysis and delivery of IoT data.

  • Investing in an IoT Service Platform Vs. Building Your Own

    Posted by Sandrine Chaumette on Jun 13, 2016

    The scalability and technical expertise are the fundamental building blocks of designing and implementing any IoT solution. However, as end users become more aware of the Internet of Things, their expectations for higher quality services are evolving at a rapid pace where “Do-it-Yourself” (DIY) solutions are not able to keep up. 

  • Where Is The Gold In The Smart Home IoT Market?

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Mar 15, 2016

    “There’s gold in them thar hills,” is the famous quote describing the California Gold Rush and 49ers. Today, companies talk about the smart home market as being a gold mine. But where is that gold located, exactly?

    Wendy Toth, Ayla Network’s vice president of marketing, will be speaking about the smart home market and Internet of Things (IoT) data analytics at the upcoming Smart Home Summit in Frankfurt, Germany, April 6-7. She’ll provide the beginnings of a treasure map showing how to find smart home gold, which lies in the data generated by connected products.

  • The IoT Disappearing Act: What Magic and Groundhogs have in common with IoT

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Feb 3, 2016

    What do Las Vegas magic acts, famous seasonal forecaster Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have in common? All have a certain “now you see it, now you don’t” quality.

    For the magic acts, it’s all about magicians’ sleight of hand in making things seem to disappear and reappear at will. For Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day, it’s his shadow that may or may not appear on February 2 of any given year. For the IoT, it comes down to a trend that will signal the next step in IoT evolution: from visible consumer control to invisible autonomous interoperability of the “things” in the IoT.

  • Get To Know The Four Types Of Data In The Internet of Things

    Posted by Dave Friedman on Aug 13, 2015

    Status, location, personalization, and action.

    Big data is one of the greatest economic opportunities of our time. It’s also incredibly vague. You’ve probably been in conversations where the different participants were using “big data” to refer to (a) large amounts of data; (b) data sets that exceed the capabilities of traditional databases; or (c) the software tools employed to analyze the data sets in the first two definitions.

  • Disarming the Wireless ‘Protocol Wars’

    Posted by Mark Wright on Jun 23, 2015

    You’ve probably read various articles about the ‘protocol wars’ in the wireless world especially as it relates to the Internet of Things (IoT). Some of the more creative ones read like a synopsis of the latest “Mad Max” movie. But dig a little deeper, and these so-called wars really amount to shuffling for attention among peers all jockeying for starring roles in the movie.

  • Putting the "T" in "IoT"

    Posted by Justin Ruiz on Jun 16, 2015

    It’s easy for most people to focus on the ‘Internet’ part of the Internet of Things (IoT). After all, the Internet sounds a lot sexier than ‘things.’

    But manufacturers of things—all the products that are equipped with sensors and connected to the cloud so that they can become part of the IoT—face a daunting step as they go from making unconnected to connected products.

  • Silicon Valley IoT Meetup: IoT, Big Data & Edge Analytics

    Posted by Mark Wright on May 29, 2015

    A while back I had the opportunity to participate in the Silicon Valley IoT Meetup (“IoT, Big Data, and Edge Analytics Opportunities and Challenges”) discussion hosted by Cisco VP/CTO Jim Greene and Ken Forster, COO of PLAT.ONE. Any discussion with Jim is an insightful journey rich with data-driven references. This time, the discussion had good IoT insights into business views, industrial dynamics, some interesting case studies and a serious non-apocalyptic view on security.

  • An end-to-end approach is needed for IoT device security

    Posted by Vish Pai on May 22, 2015

    As IoT Devices Proliferate, the Vulnerabilities Scale Linearly 

    Most of the "things" connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) are produced companies not accustomed to thinking in terms of connectivity. These manufacturers are experts in water heaters or door locks or coffee makers, but they probably don't know what a really good connected water heater or door lock or coffee maker should be. And they certainly haven't had to worry about the kinds of security threats that come with IoT connectivity.

  • The Service Guy Lives Inside My Refrigerator

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Oct 15, 2014

    ell, not really.  That would be strange and a little eerie. In fact I am probably similar to most people that not only do I not want the service guy living inside my fridge, but I also really prefer to not have to deal with service people at all if I can help it.  I have nothing against service folks; they are just doing their jobs. It’s just that it’s hard for me to be home when they arrive, and then there is that dreaded response to what’s wrong: “I’m not sure, but looks like I have to order some parts.” Gulp.  He’ll be back.

    It turns out that manufacturers don’t love sending service people either.  The best provide great service, but those calls are pretty expensive.  Even calls to a service center add up.  The general estimates for the cost of a single truck roll are between $200-$2,000, depending on the industry and type of person being dispatched.

  • Understanding Ayla Persistent Communication

    Posted by Vish Pai on Sep 15, 2014

    With the Amazon Kindle, it takes a mere 60 seconds to download a book, and if you purchase a book on, it’s instantly available on your kindle device. Have you ever wondered how this is accomplished?

  • Solving IoT at the CIO level

    Posted by Dave Friedman on Aug 20, 2014

    CIOs face significant challenges when it comes to IoT. The demands from each of their business units are becoming much more fragmented than at any other time when they have been deploying technology. Here’s why: previously, they were integrating major systems, whether it was the backend systems like ERP, computers, or mobile devices of their various constituents.

  • The Right Path to Enter the Internet of Things

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Mar 3, 2014

    As the Internet of Things heats up and more companies enter the marketplace, many companies will be faced with the same question, “What’s the right path to enter the Internet of Things market?”

    Is it by focusing on developing a highly vertical product which sells under its own flashy brand or, like Android which has become somewhat of a background technology provider for handset makers, quietly focusing to lead as a behind the scenes platform that enables and builds the Internet of Things?

  • What's the Smarts in the IoT

    Posted by Ayla Networks on Jan 27, 2014

    In this month's contribution to the IoT World community site, Ayla Networks' CEO, Dave Friedman, explains what’s behind the smarts in the IoT. The brain in the Internet of Things is more than being tied to the Internet and connecting to an ecosystem of other devices. It's more than a remote monitor for your smartphone or tablet. It's really about data intelligence.

  • The Manufacturer's Dilemma: Build or Buy for Internet Connected Products?

    Posted by Justin Ruiz on Oct 9, 2013

    At Ayla, we talk daily to Manufacturers across a slew of product categories that are in the process of developing their next generation connected products. Controlled by smartphones and tablets, these products are typically fast-tracked for development thanks to competitive pressures from disruptors such as Nest.

    For some Manufacturers early in their product planning, the decision of how best to integrate the new connectivity, automated analytics, and mobile control capabilities into them has not been decided. For these Manufacturers, the decision dilemma is whether to develop all of these platform technologies in-house or partner with an Internet of Things (IoT) cloud solution (like Ayla)?

  • Internet of Things: Why Now?

    Posted by Dave Friedman on Jul 3, 2013

    The Home of the Future has been a dazzling dream for decades.

    And, until now, it really hasn't worked out well. Automated homes and futuristic kitchens have been a staple of the World's Fair since the 1920s, but it's a good bet that you don't have shelves that sink into countertops at the push of a button or a voice-activated oven at home. In the 90s, the Internet-enabled refrigerator and appliances like 3Com's Audrey for surfing the web from a countertop came and went quickly.