A longtime Ayla IoT customer, who makes consumer health monitoring devices, recently shared something revealing: they discovered they would save at least 50% in annual costs by using Ayla’s IoT platform compared to the market alternatives when operating at scale.

Their partnership with Ayla began with a small trial in 2016. This was then followed by a limited deployment of a few hundred devices, which led to extending to thousands of devices before achieving ‘scale’, at over 400K devices under management in 2019.

This customer’s case is not an isolated one. Almost every Ayla customer acknowledges the annual recurring cost savings that range from 40% to 60% compared to building and maintaining their own IoT cloud using public cloud infrastructure. The savings come from two sources:

  1. The initial cost and effort of building key platform services, including device onboarding and provisioning, firmware over-the-air updates, data management, device monitoring among others.
  2. The ongoing cost of managing the platform including DevOps, security, patching, and performance optimization.

Ayla’s IoT platform offers a compelling option to Saving Source #1 because it is a pre-built, turnkey platform that exists today and can be deployed as quickly as the device is ready. Equally important, it delivers significant savings in Saving Source #2 because Ayla is continually engineering increases in efficiency, and it is run as a fully managed integrated service that dispenses the need for piecemeal investments such as in DevOps, security, and availability

To be specific, the estimated running cost savings for the previously mentioned consumer health company – with over 500K devices under management – was an impressive 48% at scale volumes.

A more general analysis conducted for 50 at scale OEM customers, which included the initial non-recurring costs along with the running costs, revealed a much larger 56% savings number in year 4, making an even stronger case for selecting the Ayla IoT option at scale.


Managing cost efficiencies at scale in IoT is extremely difficult because of the increased consumption level of resources, and the fact that uptime (reliability) and performance doesn’t necessarily improve with that consumption level. One of the main reasons for Ayla’s success in this regard is we have invested significantly in optimizing cloud costs, achieving scale economies, and dramatic improvements in resource (compute and storage) utilization. This was a result of major architectural enhancements, new features such as edge batching and device-to-cloud data management, and leveraging new cloud tools and technologies.

These innovations have allowed Ayla to create more optionality along the customer growth journey, such as migrating to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) at a high scale. It has also translated into unique intellectual property and is the subject of our pending and issued patents.

To gain a deeper understanding of the analysis presented or to learn more about our product, please contact us to schedule a consultation. Learn why leading brands around the world including Shark Ninja, De’Longhi, Nestle Water, Kenmore, Schneider Electric, and Culligan trust Ayla IoT to run their connected initiatives.