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The Internet of Things (IoT) market is steadily growing at an impressive rate and is currently projected to have connected over 25B connected devices by 2020. While the consumer IoT segment continues to expand, enterprise IoT is expected to be one of the main drivers due to the fact that businesses have started to realize the transformational value of IoT initiatives.

However, while the market is promising and has high potential, it continues to be in a state of flux. Standards are still evolving, hardware permutations are numerous, and cloud options are many. This has influenced the pace of IoT adoption as buyers struggle to decide their IoT strategy and how to protect that investment for the long term. The need for a solution that can be a hedge against changing standards, device types and technologies is more critical than ever.

Ayla Networks presciently realized the importance of future-proofing when we started in IoT nearly a decade ago, and after evaluating or implementing over 500 projects. Two years ago, we undertook a major re-architecture effort that resulted in the following innovations:

Protocol Agnostic

The platform can support several variations such as MQTT, COAP, AMQP, HTTP(S) and even Modbus/Fieldbus but more important is now modular enough that we can deploy a connector for new protocols very quickly. So, a manufacturer of consumer brands can rely on out of box MQTT to connect the smart vacuum cleaner, and also easily connect a new heart monitor product line using ANT+ (pronounced Ant plus).

Brownfield Support 

We offer customers unprecedented flexibility as well as options in terms of migrations. For example, customers running a particular device/protocol combination can use the OTA (over the air) feature to update the in-field device firmware and move to a completely different protocol in an agile manner.

No Vendor Lock-in 

We designed the edge layer to be completely decoupled and containerized, to be able to run 80%+ connectivity modules in the market. In addition, the cloud can be deployed to any public or private cloud or even on-premise to take care of different security and IT requirements of different manufacturers. This enables our customers to change hardware or cloud providers in order to take advantage of newer technology or lower prices.

In-Field Cost Optimization 

Our cloud configured edge design optimizes the level of processing on the device, allowing data transfers to the cloud only as needed, regardless of the hardware module and chipset. This enables companies to start with a certain data strategy, and then easily re-configure their device population based on business needs, without requiring a full firmware upgrade.

Plug and Play 

The new decoupled microservices-centric architecture facilitates easy wiring of external modules such as for authentication, data processing, AI/ML etc. One of our HVAC customers was quickly able to integrate device data from the Ayla Cloud with CRM data from a different cloud to enable new actionable insights that significantly enhanced product quality.

Configuration NOT Coding 

Our mantra is to create the market’s highest quality products/devices at the lowest cost of ownership, and a good starting point is to use automation, templates and abstraction layers for repeatable change management. We’ve made tremendous strides in this area – now customers can focus on writing their own business logic in the MCU as opposed to worrying about connectivity or cloud data models for their devices.

What does all of this mean to our customers? More deployment flexibility, more adaptability to change, higher business agility, all achieved without compromising enterprise grade reliability, scaling and performance – all leading to better business outcomes. 

At Ayla Networks we’re removing the barriers to digital transformation. Is your IoT strategy future-proofed? Let’s talk, please schedule an appointment or contact us at info@aylanetworks.com so we can get a conversation started.