Hi Ayla,

Everyone knows the Internet of Things is big and getting bigger. Are there specific industry numbers that I can use to help structure my business plan for 2017 and beyond?

As 2016 wraps up and companies get ready for 2017, there are good industry resources for the kind of information that you are looking for. Among others, Forbes recently published a round-up of IoT predictions and forecasts that can help you shape your business planning. RoundIcon_250x250_orange.png

Key predictions for the IoT include:

  • Smart devices and sensors will proliferate, surpassing mobile phones as the largest category of connected devices, with a total of approximately 28B connected devices worldwide by 2021, with nearly 16B related to IoT. Source: Ericsson Mobility Report; June 2016.
  • Increased revenue (33.1%), increased customer satisfaction (22.1%) and increased product quality (11%) are the top three benefits of data from the IoT. Source: Industrial Analytics Report 2016/17 report.

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