Hi Ayla, 

How do I use IoT data during field trials of my product?

During the field trial phase of product development you want to allow the product-management as well as sales-and-marketing teams to test IoT data performance in real-world situations, and to use that experience to find and overcome any shortcomings.


The IoT data analytics performance indicators that matter in this phase include: 

  • How often is each feature being used?
  • What features tend to be used by the same users?
  • Which features are the most-engaged users using most frequently?
  • What is the maintenance and monitoring status of the deployment?

IoT data analytics capabilities, such as product package clustering and engagement scores, help you understand what customers really want from their connected products. IoT data analytics during field trials also enable the operations teams to plan and prepare for action—so they’ll be ready to support customers as soon as the connected products are released in production quantities.

Next week, we’ll cover how to use data after you launch the product into full production.

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