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How do we leverage the data from our smart product without having to invest in that capability?

banner_200x200_orange-12.pngYou are smart to be thinking about this issue as you create smart products. The true value of the IoT is in the data—and what you can do with that data. You can use data about real-world operations of your IoT products to provide a feedback loop that allows you to learn faster about what’s working and what isn’t, how customers are interacting with your product, and so on. This feedback loop allows you to adapt more rapidly across multiple areas of your business, from product design to creating add-on services to offer to customers.

You not only need to make data meaningful, you also need to make it available across a range of users in your company. For example:

  • C-level executives need data to create and implement data-centric business models.
  • Product and R&D needs data so they can create contextual, enriched and autonomous products.
  • Marketing wants analytical-based customer profiling to better target its messages to customers and other important audiences.
  • Sales wants to understand and enhance customer experience, retention and engagement.
  • Product & Sales require data to create new service offerings and product-optimized packages.
  • Operations needs insight to reduce the cost of running the business.;

We understand IoT data well, and we make it easy for you to take advantage of it. Our Ayla Insights analytics platform delivers actionable data, letting you see a complete 360-degree view of your IoT product operation and usage. That way, you can maximize the value of your data across your entire enterprise.

By providing this insight into real-world behaviors, Ayla Insights gives manufacturers the information they need to innovate, improve their products, and create entirely new revenue streams. All this, without having to become—or hire—a data scientist.

Find out more about how the Ayla Insights advanced business intelligence and analytics platform for the IoT can help provide the tools to transform IoT data into real business insights.

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