The Internet of Things elves at the North Pole built a model home this year to track all the smart-home products Santa will deliver to savvy households this December. What would it be like to live in their IoT-powered holiday show house? Let’s take a tour: 

Smart Kitchen 

On the counter, a Hamilton Beach coffee maker, with Amazon Dash Replenishment, ensures that you never run out of your favorite blend. For coffee on the go, a smart thermos, controlled through your smartphone, keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature for up to two hours. 

If you need help in preparing a gourmet meal, SideChef software helps you master the basics of cooking. 

Kids trading lunches at recess? Now they can optimize their lunches since they'll be carrying smart lunchboxes with an app that lets them bookmark and share recipes on a social network. If they’re running out of peanut butter and jelly, Google Home voice integration lets them, and everyone else in the family, add their favorite brands to the grocery-shopping list. 

Smart homes also make sure Fido and Fluffy are set for the day. Santa’s show house lets cat owners with smartphones feed and monitor kitty mealtimes remotely via WiFi using the PetSafe automatic feeder. If Fido needs some training, CleverPet is set up to teach him some new tricks with three sensitive, light-up touchpads that reward him with treats. 

Smart Indoor Living 

The show house living spaces feature Hunter ceiling fans that can be programmed to turn off once you leave a room, and turn back on if it gets too warm. And your Stelpro Maestro smart thermostat helps maintain comfortable temperatures for everyone in the home while saving energy. 

An Innr lighting system pre-programs various lighting scenarios, such as bright lights for the kids’ homework sessions after school, or a dimmer setting for movie night in front of the TV. Smart plugs from Best Buy allow Santa’s model home to keep Christmas-tree lights and outdoor holiday decorations on timers, while Prolitec Aera diffusers keep the house smelling of evergreen forests. 

To banish those stray pine needles fallen from the live Christmas tree, the Shark Ion Robot vacuum cleans the floor and the carpets while you relax on the couch with your eggnog. 

Smart Nursery 

In the model home nursery, Baby is rocked to sleep with the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with Smart Connect. With the app on a smartphone, parents and caregivers control the unit’s vibration and rocking speed and specify environmental sound effects, without needing to be in the room. 

A connected video baby monitor lets adults keep an eye on baby from other rooms in the house, while the Owlet baby smart sock uses hospital-grade pulse oximetry to monitor the baby's heart rate and oxygen levels and will send an alert immediately if something is amiss. 

Smart Master Bedroom 

In the master suite, a Kyro mattress detects movement, and a ChiliPad temperature-controlled mattress design tracks your sleep and wake times, checks for optimum room temperature, and manages light levels. 

Not sure what to wear? Not a problem. Amazon’s Echo Look takes head-to-toe photos and six-second videos of your outfit with the voice-activated camera to compare outfits to find out which looks better or freshen up your look with items recommended to go with clothes you already own. 

Smart Bathroom 

In Santa’s model smart bathroom, there’s no waiting for the water to heat before a shower. The EvaDrop showerhead uses an internal heat sensor to track when the water meets your desired temperature and starts the water flow once it is warm. It also adjusts or cuts off the flow based on whether you’re directly beneath it or elsewhere. And those teenagers who take incredibly long showers? EvaDrop will let them know when their time is up and cut off the water. 

Keeping track of the family's dental hygiene is solved with smart toothbrushes like the Ara from Kolibree that records brushing habits and provide dental hygiene tips. 

The modern bathroom scale now does a whole lot more than measure your weight. The Withings body composition Wi-Fi scale tracks weight, body composition, and nutrition for up to eight people per household. 

Smart Safety and Security 

When Santa and the elves aren’t available to give tours of the show house, Hampton’s ARRAY digital deadbolts work with the model’s Wi-Fi so the door can lock and unlock from anywhere with a smart device. You can send codes authorized users -- like the cleaning people -- and determine when you want them to have access to your home. And, with geofencing, when you pull into the driveway, ARRAY will know you are home and send a notification to ask if you want to unlock your door. 

Also showcased are Simple Home products, which let you control your home from anywhere using a smartphone app, include Wi-Fi-based security cameras and alarms, motion and window sensors, smart LED light bulbs, doorbells, and smart plugs with energy monitoring. 

Or, visitors can check out the Kidde RemoteLync smart monitoring devices, that plug into an outlet, listen for a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm, and use a home’s Wifi to send alerts via smartphone and phone 911 directly. There’s also a RemoteLync a battery-operated, cordless camera that sends alerts via smartphone when motion is detected when no one’s supposed to be the house. 

Since it’s a seasonal home, the holiday show house includes a LeakSmart intelligent flood protection system. The LeakSmart system instantly detects water leaks, automatically shuts off the home’s main water supply in five seconds or less, and notifies its owners immediately -- even if the internet and power go out. 

Did Santa remember to shut the garage door? Of course, he did, or we would have heard about it from the model home’s smart garage door opener.

Smart Outdoor Living 

The model home garden looks great - from the xeriscaped section to your strawberry plants to your lawn. The smart sprinkler controls have taken into account soil and plant types, sun exposure, and local weather forecast to ensure your garden gets exactly the amount of water it needs. 

The Wifi-connected portable grill is ready for a BBQ. It is set to monitor the temperature inside the grill, and to alert you when your smoked brisket is ready for seasonal entertaining.