Believe it or not, fine-tuning your IoT asset management or maintenance processes can be easily overlooked. That’s why Ayla Networks has collected some insightful tips to help you improve them.

1. Look for Areas of Improvement

The first step toward getting a handle on your asset maintenance processes is to review your current strategy. Take a look at what’s working and what isn’t, and mark down those that aren’t as areas for growth. Analyze the systems that you already have in place by to identify inefficiencies.

There isn’t always a need to rush and upgrade your assets: often, collecting data and identifying key opportunities to tighten your IoT asset management strategy is just as beneficial.

2. Use Data & Actionable Insights to Create New Processes

Many times, the opportunities for increased efficiency you’ve identified can be corrected by creating and implementing some new processes. Things such as schedule changes and upgrading assets often generate improvement. Through the use of cutting-edge IoT asset management software, you can go one step further and utilize real-time analytical tools to provide things like predictive and preventative maintenance.

3. Train Employees & Implement Changes ( perhaps Process Implementation & Employee Training)

Creating a new process or set processes is but a small part of improving your overall asset maintenance strategy: you’ll also need to know how to successfully implement them. To effectively get this done, your staff will need specialized training on how to operate and manage the required IoT device maintenance tools. Keep in mind that maintenance changes will often immediately begin offering results but other things, like implementing additional assets or technology can often take years.

4. Measure the Results

Successful IoT asset management means always looking for ways to improve on processes, so measuring results and collecting as much data as possible is essential. Doing so will help you sculpt future strategies in addition to reducing asset failure. Create benchmarks for newly-created processes and keep track of such data.

5. Invest in Predictive Maintenance

Perhaps one of the most promising ways to improve upon asset management and maintenance is by investing in a program that enables predictive maintenance. Unlike preventative maintenance, which is merely based on theoretical rates of failure, predictive maintenance leverages real-time, actionable data to predict imminent failures that could then be serviced before they occur.

Our IoT asset management services provide actionable solutions with proven results

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