Broadcom held its annual GeekPeek event this past week. Held at Tank18 in San Francisco, GeekPeek13 showcased Broadcom’s vision -- connecting everything -- with a focus on Internet of Things (IoT) applications demonstrated by Broadcom and its partners. The event was abuzz with industry analysts and a broad range of journalists. Glad to be representing Ayla Networks, I was honored to participate in this, and met fellow Broadcom ecosystem partners, all showing real end customer use cases and value with compelling connected product demos..

Broadcom’s co-founder and CTO, Henry Samueli, presented an overview of 2014 trends with a clear theme that IoT is a long term trend (not a flash in the pan), that the market established strong roots in 2013, and is poised for a defining year in 2014.

Dr. Samueli scattered a potpourri of market projections throughout his presentation, validating his excitement for the huge market:

  • “30 billion wirelessly connected devices by 2020"
  • “$8 trillion total opportunity” (curious how this total was calculated!)
  • “70 million smart devices to be sold by 2017”
  • “$6 billion in wearable device revenues expected by 2018”
  • “100% of cars will be connected by 2025”
  • “75% of cars will be connected by 2015”
  • “10 million homes will be reached by UltraHD/4K by 2016”

Dr. Samueli also commented that the total opportunity for IoT is “a very fragmented market and that because Broadcom can’t possibly customize for each of their customers, it must leverage platforms”, such as Broadcom’s own WICED for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi applications, as well as ecosystem partner platforms, e.g. Ayla Networks’ Cloud Platform IoT application enablement.

Clearly, Broadcom is leading the way in connecting everything, and Ayla Networks is proud to be a Broadcom ecosystem partner. Together, we will make a smarter and secure world through complete IoT connectivity and data management solutions.