Ayla was born just about six years ago in my kitchen.  We had a theory that the Internet was on the verge of expanding to connect "things," and we saw a massive opportunity for a platform providing IoT software and services.  Moore's Law, smartphones, infrastructure as a service and the massive rise of IP networking were all coming together to make the timing feel right. Of course back in 2010, the Internet of Things was anything but "hot." A Google search might have found an IoT-related article every few months or so.  The venture capital herd was definitely not grazing Screen_Shot_2016-06-27_at_10.04.36_AM.png anywhere near IoT.  Our early feedback was:

  • Platforms are expensive
  • What is the Internet of Things?
  • Which things are you doing?
  • You are not focused
  • There are too many moving parts

But we believed, and we went old school and boot strapped for the next two years.  During that time Adrian Caceres, an Ayla co-founder, and Joe Eykholt, device engineer extraordinaire and first employee, built out key elements of the platform while Phillip Chang, another Ayla co-founder, and I worked to assemble the moving parts and find an early customer.  It was an exciting - and financially stressful period - but we really felt we were on to something, finally raising a Series A in March 2012.  We faced so much rejection before closing the funding that at times... well, we wondered if our belief was misplaced.

Today, thanks primarily to an amazing team of more than 150 Aylians operating globally, we are proud to announce the continued growth of Ayla with a $39M Series C.  This round represents the true global nature of Ayla and the IoT market, with new financial and strategic investors from China, Japan and Europe.  We welcome these new IoT "believers" and are excited to continue the amazing journey.

Jetsons, here we come! 

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