IoT isn’t just for new generation products coming hot off the manufacturing line and into the hands of your customers. Internet connectivity and the entire promise of IoT, from mobile control to data analytics, is also available for devices already active in the field. These deployed, or brownfield, devices just need a way to connect to the cloud over Wi-Fi or cellular and, bang, instant IoT enablement.

Like all things in IoT, the devil is always in the details but in this brownfield use case, Ayla has put together a retrofit solution that is relatively seamless, easy to implement, and provides a clear path to IoT business value. We call it AylaIQ.

Introducing AylaIQ 

At its core, AylaIQ provides simple connectivity to our industry leading IoT platform for devices and equipment sporting the ubiquitous RS485 serial port. As an ‘all in one’ solution AylaIQ provides all of the necessary IoT platform components out of the box:

• Bridge Device

o The Bridge Device is a plug-like device running Ayla’s Device Agent, provides Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, and plugs-into RS-232/RS-485 MODBUS serial ports. Simple and elegant, the Bridge Device connects into the serial port and provides immediate, secure communication to the Ayla Cloud to your device.

• IoT Cloud Platform and Command Center

o Connected equipment can be monitored and maintained with Ayla’s Command Center -- a purpose-built dashboard that provides best of breed configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of your IoT devices. Used by top product manufacturers including Best Buy, Fujitsu, Sears Kenmore, and Johnson Controls, the Command Center will enable your operations teams to easily leverage device data, push updates, and keep your brownfield products running healthy.

• Application Foundry and Product Diagnostics

o For the newly available data from your brownfield devices flowing into the cloud, Ayla provides multiple paths to application enablement. From user command and control via mobile app to diagnostic dashboards for remote support teams, the Ayla Foundry enables rapid development for your choice of applications with both a Mobile SDK, Enterprise Web SDK, and 3rd party cloud integrations.

Guided by Ayla’s Customer Success Team, AylaIQ can be deployed with out-of-the-box functionality in under 4 months or can be modified however needed to suit your device and business needs with a few more months of customizations. Either way, you can get your brownfield devices into the ‘IoT game’ very easily with AylaIQ.

Why Retrofit Your Deployed Devices?

Depending on the market you operate in and the type of device you maintain, there are a number of viable business benefits available from internet connecting your brownfield devices with AylaIQ. Perhaps the most important of all is the benefit of remote equipment diagnostics and support. With device data collected in the cloud and leveraged through any number of analytical or diagnostic use cases provided by Ayla, you can start to realize the promised benefits of IoT for your business.

Rapid time to business value with low configuration effort.

• High visibility into device usage and performance to understand operational patterns.

• Extend lifecycle of existing assets through timely maintenance decisions.

• Optimized service costs through truck roll reduction.

• Improved customer experience through reduced unplanned downtime.

One of my favorite use cases for AylaIQ was probably in front of you this very morning at your favorite big brand coffee shop. Those barista machines that kick out new, seasonal coffee drinks require a recipe download each time they change. These machines are typically not internet connected so require a service-person in a truck to roll in and plug a laptop into the barista machine to perform the update. When you have thousands of stores like the big brand coffee retailers do, that cost to update the pumpkin spice latte each Fall can add up to millions of dollars. With a ‘connectivity retro-fit’ using AylaIQ that big brand coffee retailer can begin to remotely send recipe updates with over the air updates (OTA) and save huge on their service calls.

Getting Started with AylaIQ is Easy

One of the core focal points of Ayla is to remove the friction of IoT development for our customers -- AylaIQ is no exception. This end-to-end solution can be scoped and delivered rapidly by our Customer Success Team, reducing the amount of technical planning and development required on your end. Reach out to our team now to schedule a project consultation and overview of how AylaIQ can work for you.