It’s easy for most people to focus on the ‘Internet’ part of the Internet of Things (IoT). After all, the Internet sounds a lot sexier than ‘things.’

But manufacturers of things—all the products that are equipped with sensors and connected to the cloud so that they can become part of the IoT—face a daunting step as they go from making unconnected to connected products.


The Ayla Internet of Things Platform: Focusing on the ‘Things’ and Their Manufacturers outlines the formula for turning traditional products into connected products: specialized, deep knowledge and expertise in networking, software development, cloud computing and other technologies, plus experience actually building connected devices.

The Ayla IoT platform helps manufacturers in their quest to make and sell products for the IoT by offering characteristics that include:

  • It works with any device or product.
  • It encompasses device, cloud and mobile app software.
  • It aims for optimal flexibility, business agility and customer choice.
  • It lets manufacturers get to market with connected products—without having to write any code or learn any of the technologies required for connectivity or participation in the IoT.
  • It scales: in kind, in volume, in performance and reliability, over distance, over time.
  • It transcends arguments about where intelligence should reside in the IoT.
  • It provides manufacturers with inherent incentives to create connected devices.
  • It plays well with others, and it keeps the future in mind.

To find out more details on each of these important IoT platform characteristics.

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