This week I will be at AWS re:INVENT along with several other Aylians, and it occurs to me that we continue to have an amazing ride as we evolve and grow our 6 year old cooperation with AWS.

When we raised our Series A back in 2012, it was a huge benefit to be able to leverage AWS services to more rapidly and efficiently build out key parts of our platform. But back then, there were no AWS services specifically targeting IoT, and there certainly weren’t any sales and marketing resources to work with at AWS as we built out our presence in the IoT. We built everything ourselves, from product to go to market and sales strategies.

Today, it is a much different story, both in terms of the various AWS IoT services, and exciting tie-ins in the smart home with Alexa and Amazon DRS (Dash Replenishment Service). And the cooperation has come a long productive way.

As we did with other core AWS services in the past, at Ayla, we are excited to leverage these new services in our platform to continue to rapidly provide innovation and differentiation to our customers. We are increasingly able to focus on the highest ROI elements for our customers, especially as we work with them to leverage their IoT data and create true business value. We are also working directly with AWS sales and marketing to bring value to IoT customers, and we have a strong presence at re:Invent as a testament to this growing relationship.

Among other things, we will be:

  • Participating in the Partnership Leadership Track: Tuesday 11:30 to 3:30 PM The Venetian Hotel, that Terry Wise is hosting.
  • Showcasing Ayla demos at the AWS Marketplace Session: Thurs from 10 to 1PM. Ayla will have a Kiosk as part of the AWS Marketplace Experience Hub in the Aria Hotel, presenting the AWS/Ayla joint value and showing a couple demos.
  • In addition to the above Ayla and AWS BD will be hosting joint prospect/customers meetings all week.

With respect to product, we are already taking advantage of the AWS commitment and investment in IoT. Here’s just one example where this integration helps us offer more innovation and value to our customers - AWS IoT Analytics and Sagemaker are powering Ayla to build outcome-based applications for our customers such as reducing truck rolls for a diverse set of field assets, and optimizing call center operations for consumer product companies

As we work more closely with AWS to bring IoT value to our common customers, we will continue to provide a fast, secure path for enterprises to realize the dual promise of efficiency gains and growth opportunities. Together with AWS we’re already expanding our target use cases beyond Smart Home comfort & control, to enterprise grade operational visibility, asset performance management, and compliance/risk management.

The future looks bright, and we’re looking forward to it. Reach out to me at for questions, comments and reactions.