Creating connected home appliances requires more than just embedding a wireless chip or adding a sensor to an existing product. Manufacturers must clearly define use cases and additional services, prioritize security and privacy, design for usability, configurability and scale, add value, and differentiate their connected product.

Got questions? Join us for a webinar on "IoT Best Practices for Home Appliance Manufacturers," with Brad Russell, research analyst at Parks Associates and Justin Ruiz, Ayla product marketing manager, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2-3 p.m. EDT.  

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Don't Forget Security

Brad and his fellow Parks analysts can tell you: Nearly half of all consumers rank privacy as their greatest concern about connecting devices to the Internet. And 40 percent say they've experienced some kind of privacy or security problem with a connected device in the past year. Even so, adoption of IoT devices and services is accelerating as stakeholders discover new approaches in overcoming privacy and security challenges.

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, from 2-3 p.m. EDT, our webinar, "Facing the Challenges of IoT Security," will examine IoT data in the context of how companies can create and secure value for their customers. Alicia Gray, Salus North America's data protection officer & director of global connected services, will join Craig Payne, our security and privacy officer, to address smart-home device ownership, concerns for connected devices, preferences for device guarantees against hacking, willingness to share data, and the impact of privacy rights for consumers.

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