In 1924, who would have imagined that the venue once known as the Berlin Radio Show would in 2016 attract 1500 consumer electronics exhibitors, and 240,000 visitors to see products and services straight out of science fiction?

Earlier this month – 92 years after the first Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) was held in Berlin -- Ayla Networks could be found showing off its IoT solutions in a booth in IFA’s Global Markets section. A nearby exhibitor was Ayla customer Changhong, the well-known Chinese appliance brand, grabbing visitor attention with cloud-based, smart air conditioners.

Ayla provides IoT cloud technology and cloud platform support for Changhong's split air-conditioning products worldwide, and Changhong also makes use of Ayla technology to create smart air-conditioning products in regions outside China. In particular, Ayla’s IoT platform allows Changhong to perform over-the-air (OTA) updates of software continuously.

“We make it easier for Changhong to deliver secure performance of its smart air conditioners,” said David Friedman, Ayla CEO and co-founder. “For instance, our technology can effectively reduce the recall risk of products through our built-in enterprise-level security, verified OTA services and highly reliable cloud architecture."


Using Ayla’s IoT cloud platform, Changhong and other manufacturers easily solve export challenges, such as adaptability to local market laws and regulations; docking with the local cloud; insight into the local market, user experience and habits; better understanding of the capabilities and costs of operating cloud services in the local market; and improved time to market for the launch of new connected products.

China Exports to the World

At IFA, Ayla and Changhong joined Chinese manufacturers such as Haier, TCL, Gree, Midea and Galanz -- all exhibiting at the invitation of China’s Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products.

Chinese home appliance companies export approximately half of their products to the United States, Europe and Japan. According to Phillip Chang, Ayla co-founder and China general manager, tech products with "added value" have become a significant part of Chinese manufacturing portfolios in recent years as its industry moves away from a labor-intensive model.

“We’re helping more Chinese manufacturers successfully deploy smart products, and to lead and promote a global IoT market,” Chang said. 

Chinese manufacturers are invited to read Ayla’s Chinese-language website:

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