If you have never shopped for an air conditioner – or it’s been a while since you have – you may be surprised at how smart air conditioning can be. Summer doesn’t have to mean that your home is too hot for comfort -- not with all the cool, smart air conditioning options available today.

Smart air conditioners allow you to program your cooling environment according to the season and time of day and personalize those settings for your household.

Talk to Your Smart Air Conditioner

In addition to customized cooling, a smart air conditioner lets you monitor and control it with a smartphone or other mobile device when you are on the go, or with a smart speaker like Alexa when you are home. For example, central air conditioners from Johnson Controls-Hitachi, an Ayla customer, allow consumers to log in, set up, and use residential central air conditioners with their social media credentials — without the hassle of a separate login process.

But you don’t need central air conditioning to get smart features. In fact, there are several less expensive options, including:

  • Smart portable air conditioners: These easy-to-use, inexpensive mobile units on wheels come with a hose that exhausts through a window. For example, Ayla customer Hisense offers its Hi-Smart Air smart 10k and 14k BTU Portable Air Conditioner, which features an ultra-quiet compressor and cross-flow centrifugal fan design, in addition to smart functionality. Like all Hisense Hi-Smart Air products, the portable air conditioner efficiently connects to the cloud, is securely controlled through a software application, and is able to sync with other connected smart-home products.
  • Smart in-window air conditioners: No doubt you’ve used a reasonably priced air conditioner that slides into a conventional sash window. Tom’s Guide recently listed a number of smart-home picks here.
  • Smart split (also known as ductless) air conditioners: These air conditioning units are “split” between an indoor section and an outdoor section. The two sections are connected through a small hole in the wall by wiring and copper tubing. While they're the most expensive of the non-central air types to install, they're also quieter, and the most energy-efficient. For example, the smart RLS3Y series of ductless mini-split air conditioner/heating units -- from Ayla customer Fujitsu General -- lets you control them from anywhere using a smartphone app. The app also lets you monitor system use.

Other cool Ayla customer air conditioning products to check out include those from United Technologies and Chigo.

Manufacturers: Analysts expect the global smart air conditioning market to experience significant growth through 2025. Find out more by contacting Ayla for a free consultation on how the Ayla IoT platform allows you to get secure, reliable connected HVAC products to market with minimal time, cost, and effort—and to improve your business based on real-world knowledge gained from data generated by connected devices.