Ayla has fostered in a global view of IoT since the early days of the company. Based in Silicon Valley, we have always had a strong presence in North America as we built out our business. But unlike most Silicon Valley start-ups, we also have had a strong position in China, investing in the China market soon after our Series A. In fact our very first customer was Sina, with a Weibo Weather Station.

Ayla’s early investment in China paid off, not only with respect to support of Chinese manufacturers and telcos, but also to support the various manufacturing and sales activities of our global customers in North America, Europe, Japan, and Taiwan.

Ayla will continue to invest in our global vision for IoT, and develop the partnerships and ecosystem to become the world-leading enterprise IoT platform. To that end, we have received a large investment from and entered into a partnership with Sunsea Telecommunications in China to form a JV to accelerate and expand this vision. Sunsea is a publicly listed company that provides the relationships and scale to win in the China market. Ayla is especially aligned with Sunsea as we expand our support for cellular and NB-IoT technologies, helping our customers expand their own solutions.

We are excited for this next stage of growth and for our cooperation with Sunsea as we continue our mission to provide the world’s leading enterprise IoT PaaS.