As the Internet of Things heats up and more companies enter the marketplace, many companies will be faced with the same question, “What’s the right path to enter the Internet of Things market?”

Is it by focusing on developing a highly vertical product which sells under its own flashy brand or, like Android which has become somewhat of a background technology provider for handset makers, quietly focusing to lead as a behind the scenes platform that enables and builds the Internet of Things?

As companies like Fitbit and Nest continue to gain traction and permeate the space, the case for architecting a unique brand around a vertical market is definitely attractive but as Curtis Feeny writes in a recent article, “enabling infrastructure may not land you the cover of Time, but in this case it’s the right move.”

You can read Curtis’ complete blog post here: “What’s the Right Path for Startups Entering the Internet of Things?

Curtis Feeny is the managing director of Voyager Capital, a leading technology venture capital firm based in the Silicon Valley. He has expertise in SaaS, enterprise software, wireless infrastructure, and Smart Grid technologies, and has invested in a number of industry prominent companies such as Ayla Networks.