Well, not really.  That would be strange and a little eerie. In fact I am probably similar to most people that not only do I not want the service guy living inside my fridge, but I also really prefer to not have to deal with service people at all if I can help it.  I have nothing against service folks; they are just doing their jobs. It’s just that it’s hard for me to be home when they arrive, and then there is that dreaded response to what’s wrong: “I’m not sure, but looks like I have to order some parts.” Gulp.  He’ll be back.

service_guyIt turns out that manufacturers don’t love sending service people either.  The best provide great service, but those calls are pretty expensive.  Even calls to a service center add up.  The general estimates for the cost of a single truck roll are between $200-$2,000, depending on the industry and type of person being dispatched.

This is where the Internet of Things and connected devices can really help.  The Internet of Things is not just about giving consumers a neat app.  It’s about giving manufacturers a new way of doing business, leveraging data to make better decisions, build better products… and provide much faster, lower cost service.

With the Internet of Things, connected devices have a virtual replica in the cloud.  These virtual devices are amazing.  They never forget the model number of year of your product. They also can be created so they have a pretty good idea what is going on with the thing sitting in your home – often before a really big problem or breakdown has occurred. The virtual device also means you don’t have to turn in warranty cards or try and remember when your service contracts run out.  The same goes for the manufacturer: they can much more easily track their warranties and service arrangements with their customers to provide a much better service.

The Internet of Things will include a bunch of neat apps and use cases for consumers.  But it will completely change how manufacturers create and manage their products resulting in huge savings for all.  For more information on virtual devices, check out our white paper “The Secret to Winning Market Share for the Internet of Things” on www.aylanetworks.com