Today marks an important milestone in Ayla’s development: We are launching Ayla Insights , which will give our customers the ability to see and use data about their products in a whole new way. Ayla Insights is an extension to our IoT platform that will change how manufacturers design and deliver their products.

We also announced expanded operations in Europe , which will make it easier for manufacturers of IoT products to do business there. It’s also a big step in Ayla’s continued global expansion.

Ayla Insights is IoT Analytics for Actionable Business Intelligence

When we started this company five years ago, we believed that connected products and the IoT were inevitable. It turns out our belief was correct.

But some people still ask, why bother connecting products in the first place? The answer is that in the IoT, the real value is in the data generated by connected things, not in the things themselves. That data creates a feedback loop among product, users, and manufacturers. And for the IoT to realize its full potential, the value of the data must be unlocked in real time.

Screen_ShotThat’s where Ayla Insights and the idea of IoT analytics comes in. Ayla Insights provides manufacturers of connected products with actionable IoT business intelligence, based on the real-world performance and use of their connected products. Think of IoT analytics as letting connected products participate in their own design process—and letting manufacturers learn directly how their customers are actually using their products.

Building on the Ayla PaaS platform Ayla Insights lets manufacturers ask questions that were never before possible, such as:

  • How many products have been sold and where?
  • How often are my customers using my product and at what times?
  • What features are my customers using—and which are they ignoring?
  • Are my products performing to specs?

Ayla Insights is built for manufacturers and provides them with tangible value. For instance:

  • They don’t have to hire data analytics expertise.
  • They don’t have to write custom code.
  • They retain ownership of their IoT data.
  • They get to market faster with better connected products.
  • They iterate their products faster.
  • They can get closer to their customers.
  • They can create new revenue streams through value-added services and enhanced features, based on knowing more about their connected products’ performance and how customers are really using the products.

Pretty soon, the ability to apply feedback loops to the broad processes of creating, delivering, updating, maintaining, and servicing products will be a “must-have” for manufacturers’ competitive success.

Ayla Expands European Operations

In addition to helping revolutionize how manufacturers design and service products by using Ayla Insights, Ayla and our partners are also making it easier for multinational manufacturers to launch and support IoT connected products in multiple geographic regions.

We have set up our Europe IoT Cloud, with a datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany. Our Europe IoT Cloud service is compliant with the European Union’s strict data privacy policies, which is a requirement for IoT manufacturers doing business in Europe. Like the Ayla clouds already running in North America and China the new cloud in Europe runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In addition, to bolster our European operations, we have established an office in London; added staff in Europe including a strategic accounts director and pre-sales engineering personnel; and made our North America cloud Safe Harbor compliant. Safe Harbor compliance means that European companies can use our North America cloud and remain compliant with EU privacy regulations.

And, I’m pleased to announce that we have landed our first European customer: Innr Lighting B.V. from the Netherlands. Innr is using the Ayla IoT platform, including Ayla’s Agile Mobile Application Platform (AMAP) technology, to scale its smart home lighting solution across Europe. Innr develops and markets smart home lighting solutions that aim to bring better home lighting within reach of everyone. Innr uses knowledge of light placement and light intensity to allow users to create room- and activity-specific lighting “scenes” that affect users’ moods in advantageous ways.

All in all, it’s an exciting day for Ayla, with important expansions of our IoT platform and our geographic reach. But stay tuned, because no doubt there’s more to come.