ith the Amazon Kindle, it takes a mere 60 seconds to download a book, and if you purchase a book on, it’s instantly available on your kindle device. Have you ever wondered how this is accomplished?

How is it that the book you buy on the website made accessible on the Kindle device? How does the Kindle device know your last page location, bookmarks, and annotations from another device such as a laptop? All this is accomplished using the Kindle's persistent communication mechanism, which instantaneously syncs all the data from all the devices with the Amazon cloud.

Persistent communication is made possible by maintaining a constant connection from the Kindle device to the Amazon cloud server. This is achieved by always keeping a TCP/IP connection open between the two endpoints; your device and the server. So anytime you read a book on your kindle device or mobile device it syncs up the last page location and bookmarks with the back-end servers. Whenever you start using another device, this information is instantaneously synchronized with that device. This is all done in the background, so that the user can have a seamless and consistent experience while reading or buying their books from different devices.

Ayla Networks strongly believes in this approach and provides a persistent communication mechanism out of the box to be enabled for any device. This provides manufacturers with a seamless connection with their devices, and the ability to push and retrieve any new data or instructions at will. In fact, Ayla has patented the technology to maintain this constant connection and can do it efficiently for millions of devices. Its no coincidence that, Ayla's co-founder, Adrian Caceres, led the technical team at Amazon that figured out the networking for the Kindle. Caceres and the team here at Ayla understand the nuanced software and hardware ballet that is required to provide that seamless customer experience and have architected the Ayla platform to provide just that.

It comes down to customer experience. IOT is less useful if it just provides us even more data – I have 8 zones in my home and this is the temperature in all the zones – versus, my home is comfortable in all locations where people are present. Ayla uses consistent communication to provide for wants and needs, ultimately providing an excellent user experience.

Ayla is on the quest to bring internet of things to the rest of the world. Persistent connection is one of the primary building blocks to enable this vision. Ayla provides this technology, which by using industry standards, provides a best in class platform for manufacturers to create compelling products. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about how you can enable Over-The-Air updates.