Hi Ayla, 

What use is IoT data when I'm developing a connected product?

Surprisingly, you can get a good deal of useful data in the development phase of connected products. Among the most useful will be your ability to analyze data on product performance, anomaly detection, trouble event analysis, IP filtering to the user and task levels, and generic tracking and logging built into a mobile app.How is the connected product behaving?RoundIcon_250x250_green.png

  • How well is it performing?
  • What is its transaction time (i.e., latency)?
  • How many faults or errors is it experiencing? Under what conditions do they occur, and what are their causes?
  • What data is the product sending, and when is it sending it?
  • Is the IoT data well structured?
  • Is the product performance exhibiting any abnormalities?

Of course, your IoT data analytics requirements will change when you get to the point when you’re ready to field test the product.  Come back next week when we look at what you’ll need in Phase 2.  

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