Coffee makers are a popular tool in kitchens around the world—whether they are simple, pour-over funnels, Keurig K-cup machines, or multi-function units that grind beans, froth milk and serve up a hot cup of morning ‘Joe’ or even a cold brew.

The global increase in disposable income spent on coffee is increasing the overall demand for coffee machines of all types, according to Goldstein Research in New York. The analyst firm forecasts that the worldwide coffee machine market is set to reach $4.25 billion by 2024.

Wi-Fi Making Coffee Makers Smart 

But it will be the rise of the smart coffee maker, in particular, that generates “massive revenue” for manufacturers in the next few years, reports New Jersey-based HTF Market Intelligence Consulting. Coffee makers become smart with well-designed mobile apps that connect to the internet, enabling consumers to monitor and control their coffee-making operations with new levels of convenience and precision. 

So far, HTF says, tech-savvy consumers have been drawn to Wi-Fi-enabled smart coffee makers, which account for a major portion of the overall market share. Most of today’s smart coffee makers come with their own smartphone or smart speaker apps that allow you to choose certain drinks to brew while also adjusting the amount of coffee, milk and portion size.

Smarter Coffee with a Smartphone App - or Alexa

More recently, consumers have been introduced to smart coffee makers that monitor brewing supplies and reorder favorites for you, automatically. Here are two, powered by Ayla Networks, and available now:

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker — This Wi-Fi-enabled machine leverages Amazon’s secure authentication and payments systems, customer service and fulfillment network for coffee replenishment and uses Ayla technology to provide the coffee and filters you need when you need them.

When you buy the FlexBrew coffee maker and pair it with the HBConnect app, you can enroll in Amazon Dash Replenishment and choose your favorite coffee for automatic reordering. With Dash Replenishment, new coffee arrives at your door the moment you need it.

“Automatically reordering your coffee is just the start of many new innovations that make people’s lives easier, and their time in the kitchen more enjoyable,” says Atle Larsen, vice president of product marketing at Hamilton Beach Brands.

Spinn Original — Wi-Fi also connects Spinn’s three smart “centrifugal” brew models that make everything from morning lattes to evening espressos — without pods, capsules or filters. Roderick de Rode, Spinn CEO, stated: “We have reinvented the entire coffee experience for today’s connected and environmentally aware era.”

Using Amazon Alexa, you can ask Spinn to make a cup without touching the machine. The Spinn app also lets you control the brewing process or use pre-programmed recipes and brewing methods. And thanks to Ayla’s smart appliance technology, Spinn smart brewers sense when they’re running low on coffee and automatically reorder from your preferred list of bean suppliers.

Smart Manufacturers Make Smarter Appliances with Ayla

Ayla helps appliance manufacturers integrate proven, pre-built smart functions into their products. For example, Ayla’s secure mobile app for owners of Kenmore appliances allows Sears Home Services technicians to remotely diagnose an appliance problem and fix it quickly—by coaching a consumer over the phone, installing an over-the-air (OTA) software update or with a single home visit.

Making Even Smarter Coffee Makers

Consumers expect smarter, more convenient coffee makers and other kitchen appliances, and those brands that are on the forefront of developing connected products will benefit from an ongoing—and profitable—relationship with customers.

Are you interested in finding out how to transform your consumer product into a smart appliance, and how to create a truly effective smart-appliance mobile app? If so, contact us for a free consultation—and to learn more about designing smart coffee makers using Ayla IoT platform services.