Hi Ayla, 

What’s the latest on your relationship with AWS and their announcement of Greengrass?

You have great timing with your question!

On June 7, 2017, AWS announced that its AWS Greengrass software is now available to all its customers—and Ayla Networks is one of the first AWS Partner Network (APN) partners to support AWS Greengrass.

RoundIcon_250x250_orange.pngWe are integrating our Ayla Internet of Things (IoT) device agent software into AWS Greengrass. The Ayla agent will provide IoT edge device management capabilities including device discovery, routing, provisioning and firmware updates.

The point of the Greengrass software is to extend AWS capabilities to connected devices at the edge of the network, making it easier for businesses to deploy secure IoT solutions in a variety of environments and use cases. With Greengrass software, enterprises can handle processing of data directly on connected edge devices, as well as communications between their connected devices and the AWS cloud.

As Ayla CEO and Co-Founder David Friedman said about the AWS Greengrass announcement: “The AWS Greengrass launch furthers the collaboration between AWS and Ayla. Together, AWS Greengrass and Ayla are providing strong value that will enable more enterprises to achieve benefits such as reduced operating expenses, increased topline growth, better-quality products, expanded markets and enhanced customer relationships.”

Find out more about Ayla embedded device agents as well as the other components of the Ayla IoT platform.