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How can I design my connected product for the future when no one really knows what the future of the IoT is?


Designing a connected product when no one can see the future of the IoT is frightening, for sure! You are not alone. Despite all the talk and promise of the Internet of Things, it’s a market still in its early stages of adoption. We are just starting to visualize what connected products can do to improve our lives and businesses, from enabling greater comfort, convenience, and security to creating world-class customer experiences and driving new levels of manufacturers’ business efficiency and productivity.

What’s behind the next corner is really anyone’s guess. If the history of technology is any guide, consumers and even business buyers will behave in unpredictable ways. The single most important preparation for an unknown or uncertain future is flexibility.

Engineers developing the next generation of connected products need to design for flexibility, so they can quickly adapt to how the uses of their products will evolve and grow. At Ayla, we believe in giving you an IoT platform that meets your needs today and that has the built-in flexibility and agility to continue meeting your needs over time. That way, you can expand the functionality of your smart-connected products without having to start over as the IoT future takes its inevitable twists and turns.

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