Ayla Networks just closed a $60 million Series D funding round to accelerate our growth. So what does that mean? On the surface, it means we have established a leadership position in a very large, fast-growing market. Gartner expects that spending on IoT devices and services will reach $2 trillion in 2017. Ayla now has won more than 100 customers, with a massive amount of data streaming into the platform every day.

It also means that Ayla is in a position to expand our product and ecosystem capabilities, leveraging our industry-leading Internet of Things (IoT) Platform as a Service (PaaS) to help our customers accelerate the time to value from the IoT.

Connectivity is only the start for companies that embrace IoT. The end goal is to turn that connectivity into real business value.

Data is the New Gold

The Internet applies an inexorable force to legacy business models. In market after market, companies either learn how to adapt to this new technology or slowly become irrelevant. The winning companies evolve as the Internet evolves and leverage it to create new offerings and become significantly more efficient.

Ayla has so far focused its investment around a broadly horizontal platform that can ingest data from nearly any sensor or cloud, and normalize that data for use by applications. Now we are investing significantly to create the applications and ecosystem to transform that data into business intelligence for our customers.

Along with our partners, we are now providing game-changing, device agnostic capabilities that have never before been possible, such as the ability to:

  • Drive operational efficiency through reducing calls, improving call handle times, reducing repeat calls and preventing unnecessary truck rolls
  • Improve warranty margins by providing maintenance and support services only when required
  • Improve NPS and reduce costs by predicting failures before they happen
  • Drive top line growth by offering leasing and “product as a service” business models as well as usage based warranties
  • Improve products in development and in the field by leveraging granular usage data and firmware updates to streamline existing capabilities and add new ones.

Ayla will provide these capabilities by expanding, and more tightly integrating, our application partner ecosystem and providing our own applications where there are gaps. By marrying enterprise device and data management with machine learning and artificial intelligence, Ayla will help enable our customers to gain the business intelligence they need to thrive.

Global IoT Leadership

It’s no secret that Ayla’s vision is to provide the world’s leading enterprise IoT PaaS. We’ve already made significant progress toward this vision, and we now have so much more capital to invest in our next stage of growth.

In the IoT world, size matters. And so does trust. Our customers’ belief in the Ayla vision has propelled our success to date. Now that we’re jumping to a different league in terms of size, that will only enhance the trust we’ve already built so far.

We look forward enthusiastically to the future and the promise that lies ahead for Ayla—and for our customers.