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When will the IoT marketplace get its act together and agree on some clear standards? As manufacturers, we’re afraid that the connected products we’re building now won’t be compliant with whatever standards get adopted in the future - and we’re sure that lack of standards is making many consumers wary of buying IoT products..

You’re not alone in your concern about standards. There have been a few attempts at creating alliances to promote particular standards for the Internet of Things (IoT), but nothing has emerged that everyone is willing to rally around. Just last week came the news of the disbanding of the AllSeen Alliance, promoters of the AllJoyn protocol. banner_200x200_green-9.png

But lack of standards stems from a deeper issue in the IoT than just the failure of competing companies to agree with one another on what protocols to use. Blame it on the enormous diversity of the ‘things’ in the IoT. In the smart home market alone you have everything from baby monitors, coffee makers, and door locks to major appliances, lighting systems, and heating and air conditioning equipment. These all perform very different functions, require different levels of control and frequency of interaction, and generate very different kinds of data.

Plus, new IoT technologies emerge and old ones die away continually. As one example, if you started designing a connected product a year ago, you wouldn’t have thought about whether to include support for Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice control, because those technologies didn’t exist a year ago.

So what’s the solution? The answer is to select the right IoT platform. The Ayla Networks IoT platform supports the IoT protocols and technologies existing now—as well as new ones as they emerge. Because most of the IoT ‘heavy lifting’ in our platform happens at the IoT cloud level, any time we add support for a new technology or protocol it’s available automatically to any connected product that uses the Ayla IoT platform.

So yes, IoT standards would be nice. But whether or not they ever arrive, building your connected products on the Ayla IoT platform is the best way to avoid the risk of betting on the wrong horse.

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