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Application enablement is a core tenet of the Ayla Platform where device data is easily leveraged in both mobile and web application development. Ayla provides a very robust and well-documented Mobile SDK and reference application to enable mobile development teams to rapidly build and test their mobile applications. Enterprise business applications are seamlessly built on top of the Ayla Web SDK by both customers, ecosystem development partners, and Ayla Professional Services Team. Developers of these applications leverage Ayla’s API Browser development tool to more rapidly code applications and leverage the broad functionality available in the RESTful Service API.

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Data Pipeline

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All analytics tools and applications hinge upon efficient ingest, processing, and routing of data. Ayla's data pipeline is purpose-built to provide these capabilities with data from different devices of different data models and provide in a standard way for applications to interact with. The data pipeline also provides the capability to stream data from specific device events to external cloud platforms for additional application enablement needs. Features include:

  • Ingest, storage, and normalization of device data.
  • Efficient routing to core areas of the Ayla Platform (including Device Management and Application Enablement).
  • Data streaming service (DSS) to enable forwarding of data to external cloud targets for additional processing.

Cloud Adaptor

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To enrich analytics and applications leveraging device data, there may be a need to ingest data from external cloud sources, such as SAP, SalesForce, or legacy ERP systems. Ayla's Cloud Adaptor provides a seamless mechanism to connect into these external sources for 2-way data communication. 

Mobile Application Tools

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Command and control of connected products through mobile devices is a core aspect of IoT solutions. To support rapid development of iOS and Android mobile applications Ayla provides a rich set of development tools that streamline development by providing pre-packaged functionality in the form of a SDK and white-labeled application. These features include: 

  • The Ayla Mobile SDK is a library that enables core mobile functionality such as user on-boarding, session management, notifications, and schedules. 
  • Ayla's White Label Application (AMAP) further reduces time to market by providing a customizable pre-built application that developers can easily apply graphics and additional functionality to. 

Learn more about Ayla's White Label Application.

Enterprise Business Application Tools

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Simplify enterprise application development by leveraging Ayla's Web SDK. This framework, built on native Javascript libraries, reduces development cycles by pre-packaging core functionality used in IoT product business applications. By leveraging the Web SDK customers can expect a reduced time to business value with more rapid development and launch of their applications. Functionality provided in the framework includes:

  • User management and authorization
  • Device status reporting and geolocation
  • Device diagnostics
  • Session management
  • 3rd party feed integrations

Take a tour through business applications built on Ayla's Web SDK.

Customer Support & Field Service Applications

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In addition to the variety of tools for supporting application development, Ayla provides native enterprise portals for customer support use cases. These applications are integrated directly with connected device data and provide multiple paths for identifying poorly performing products. These portals include: 

  • The Customer Care application is purpose-built for Tier 1 and 2 support teams to diagnose and troubleshoot product issues while providing access to customer details. 
  • The Dealer Dashboard provides a similar level of performance monitoring and diagnosis with additional functionality required for field service teams, such as truck routing, field notes, and replenishment tracking. 

Take a self-paced tour through Ayla's support and asset tracking applications.

Developer Documentation & Tools

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Hands-on development of custom mobile and enterprise applications can be challenging to any technical team. To expedite time and cycles spent on application development, Ayla provides a rich set of developer tools intended to educate on working with Ayla's framework and providing feedback on iterative testing. These developer tools include:

  • Highly concise HTML-based API documentation available for all areas of the platform. 
  • Web-based API Browser tool that enables hands-on testing of API calls by solution developers and provides rapid feedback during prototyping.

Developer Ecosystem Partners

Ayla's Professional Services Team is available to support in any area of development for mobile and enterprise applications as needed by our customers. In addition, Ayla maintains a rich ecosystem of development partners who provide both a wealth of IoT application enablement experience and focused expertise in specific development areas. These partners are an extension of Ayla's Professional Services offering and provide a wealth of additional expertise and service.

Device Management Partner Ecosystem