Device Virtualization and Management

Device virtualization and management is a core tenet of IoT and enables everyday physical devices to be represented and treated from a cloud platform. Ayla's features in this area are extremely robust, comprehensive, and well tested in high-scale production environments across dozens of enterprise customers. From singular device provisioning on the manufacturing line to sending critical firmware updates across a fleet of devices, Ayla's device virtualization and management system is a cornerstone of success for our customers.

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Device Virtualization

The Ayla Platform provides a robust set of capabilities around virtualization, or the creation and management of the physical device's digital twin. This digital twin sets the data schema and enables mapping of properties to the Ayla database for data ingestion. 

The core tenets of Ayla’s device virtualization include:

  • Define device schema (property template) through configuration versus code.
  • Template-driven iterative development model.
  • Flexibility to alter device behavior through template changes and OTA update.

Provisioning and Activation

Device Management starts with the ability for manufacturers to easily and reliably provision and activate their devices. To enable this, Ayla provides both interactive Dashboard controls and set of API scripts for manufacturers to easily provision devices on the Ayla Platform and maintain an audit of their activity for future reporting. 

Features include: 

  • Historic view of all past device provisioning activities with drill-down into specific run for review and analysis. 
  • Downloadable XML file containing a list of reserved DSN values to be programmed into the device module. 
  • Log of all status and error messages that occurred while validating and processing individual manufacture and provision files. 

Monitoring and Reporting

With active devices, manufacturers and service providers provide a tight level of monitoring on the health and performance of their devices. Through the Ayla Dashboard, operations teams find direct and simple access to a display of their devices and associated status. Rapid identification of devices, or device groups, of interest is available through highly targeted search functionality to enable focused review or troubleshooting. In addition, highly informative BI reports providing metrics of fleet and consumer activities are provided. 

Features include: 

  • Direct access to tabular list of devices via Dashboard UI. 
  • Granular filter and search capabilities to select individual, or groups, of devices. 
  • Creation and management of device groups for firmware OTA and troubleshooting use cases. 
  • BI dashboard providing 30+ customizable KPI reports on fleet metrics.

Device Maintenance

Undoubtedly, active devices will require care and maintenance to ensure efficient operation. The Ayla Dashboard provides a robust set of tools for modifying device configuration to address performance and behavior issues. Operations teams have direct access to near real-time device data to enable pro-active support and troubleshooting, as well as intuitive controls to modify behavior at the fleet level to add new functionality or address existing issues. 

Features include: 

  • Dashboard UI controls to modify configuration at the fleet level around authentication, messaging, and applications. 
  • Dashboard UI controls to modify individual device configuration around schedules, notifications, device logging, and more. 
  • Ability to read and write individual device data for troubleshooting and testing purposes. 

Firmware OTA Updates

To add new functionality or address performance issues, over the air (OTA) firmware updates may be required throughout the lifecycle of a connected product. Ayla's robust OTA system allows for storage and management of firmware images with an intuitive mechanism to initiate OTA jobs. In addition, fine-grained reporting on status of firmware OTA jobs is available to provide operations teams with a clear understanding on outcome of current and historic OTA activities. 

Features include: 

  • Both Ayla firmware and Host MCU firmware images can be uploaded, managed, and pushed in OTA runs via the Ayla Dashboard. 
  • Selected firmware images can be pushed to device groups containing up to 1M devices. 
  • Status of current OTA runs displayed in near real-time (pending, completed, failed).
  • Reporting on past OTA runs provided for audit and reporting use cases.