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Deploying Connected Products Couldn’t be Easier with the Ayla IoT Platform

Getting started in the Internet of Things can be a daunting task for any company, but it doesn’t have to be. By leveraging Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform, tools, premium services, and support, device manufacturers can now bring connected products to market quickly and securely without having to become experts in areas like networking connectivity or cloud infrastructure, allowing them to focus on what they do best, building great products.

Ayla is committed to supporting our developer community as they get started in the new world of IoT, providing all of the resources needed to prototype and develop, deploy and manage, and ultimately optimize and iterate on their products. Getting started in IoT is now as easy as 1-2-3. Get started today.

Developer Portal
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Learn & Explore

The first step on your journey to developing your Ayla-enabled product is to familiarize yourself with Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform, taking it for a test drive.

By registering for a free Ayla Developer account, purchasing an Ayla Design Kit, and connecting it to the Ayla Cloud, you are ready to enable your first “data property”. This stage will introduce you to key platform features and functionality, general ideologies, and more importantly, set the foundation for building your own device.

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Register for a Free Ayla Developer Account

Prototype & Develop

Now that you have come up to speed on Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform and enabled your first “data property”, it is time to start building your very own connected device.

Through key value pairing enabled by Ayla’s Embedded Agent in the device and our simple UI driven Developer Portal in the Ayla Cloud, you are able to quickly prototype and develop an IoT device with no limits as to what you can build. But why stop there? For those looking to also develop a mobile app, Ayla provides application libraries in iOS and Android to create your very own custom app that can be used to interface with the device, allowing you to focus on the UI/UX and leaving the networking, security, and authentication to us.

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System Test & QA

After building your connected device and mobile or web app, it is crucial to perform end-to-end system testing and QA to ensure the reliability of your new product.

Ayla customers are able to accelerate the development of their connected products and mobile apps by shortening the software quality-assurance and verification cycles as the Ayla Platform uses pre-qualified production ready hardware and software to connect devices to the Ayla Cloud. In this stage, the Ayla Developer Portal is used to test both the device and its mobile application, independently and in parallel. Additional features such as over-the-air firmware updates, automated test scripts, and diagnostic screens help developers to reduce risk and time to market.

video btn systems Step 3 - System Test & QA

Deploy & Support

Once end-to-end product testing is complete, you can use Ayla’s OEM Dashboard and tools to manage your new deployment in the field.

Ayla offers a suite of operational tools for added visibility and back office support for things like product status, diagnostics, device location, and role based access control. In addition, you can import and export data with other clouds or applications using RESTful APIs, creating a more robust user experience for your users.

video btn deploy Step 4 - Deploy & Support

Optimize & Iterate

Connecting and managing your devices is just the start, you can now observe and gain valuable insights into how your products are being used in the field and begin iterating based on this newly unlocked data.

Ayla provides a way for manufacturers to quickly visualize, analyze, and explore their data, regardless of the type of device or application. Ayla makes it easy to not only access this data, but more importantly because of our agility, makes it easy for manufacturers to make strategic product enhancements based on this data, and push them to devices in the field.

video btn optimize Step 5 - Optimize & Iterate