Connected Home

There’s no place like the Connected Home. As more and more consumer connected devices hit the market, the connected home is becoming a reality. A recent report stated that today’s home has five or more connected devices. In the future that number may be as high as 50!

Still, the challenge remains for many device manufacturers. While they are the best in the fields at designing and manufacturing these devices (such as appliances and HVAC equipment) they are not experts in networking, security and data management. This is where Ayla can help.

The Ayla Agile IoT platform can enable manufactures creating devices for the connected home to bring secure and scalable connected products to market quicker.

Benefits For OEMs

The IoT is transforming traditional OEMs from device manufacturers into service providers, opening the door to a whole new relationship with the consumer. OEMs now have the ability to understand how consumers are interacting with their products and, by leveraging their expertise, build better devices.

Insight into consumer usage enables more rapid product iteration

Exposed new revenue models for manufacturers (i.e. warranty)

Flexibility to interoperate with other connected devices

Facilitates an ongoing relationship with customer

Benefits For Consumers

Although it is said that manufacturers stand to benefit the most from the IoT, we believe consumers are a close second. Consumers' not only directly benefit from the increased product features developed by manufacturers, but also the increased usability supported through richer user interfaces.

Increased usability through the use of richer user interfaces

Enhanced product features & functionality

Improved device efficiency and potential energy savings

Increased control and management of devices, from anywhere at anytime

Connected Home Use Cases

Smart Appliances

A new wave of connected appliances is possible, providing a cost effective path to meaningful functionality for end customers, along with remote diagnostics, management and analytics for manufacturers. Connectivity will enable better user experience, proactive alerts and even safety notifications. Manufacturers will learn more about how their products are being used, and be able to more rapidly innovate and deliver enhancements and even new services

Water treatment

US demand for consumer water and air treatment systems will rise 5.5 percent annually to $2.3 billion in 2019, and most of these devices have consumable components such as salt or filters. Adding internet connectivity to these water treatment devices can provide performance data, customized alerts on device performance, automated consumable ordering and even automatically adjusts to your water usage patterns giving you peace of mind, everywhere you are.

Fire & safety

Fires today are more dangerous and pose more risks than in the past. Fire propagation is faster, and time to flash over, escape times and collapse times are all shorter. Adding connectivity to fire safety devices can provide homeowners with the ability to monitor their property remotely and even send alerts to friends and neighbors in the event of an emergency.

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