Telco Service Providers & Retailers

With the Ayla Virtualization Platform, Telecom Operators and Retailers are able to leverage core technical capabilities around device management and application enablement to help solve the major challenges they face today. Virtualization allows any physical device to be digitally represented in the Ayla Cloud, enabling a 'digital twin' that sets the schema for data ingest and device management. This virtualization can be enabled on devices running Ayla's Embedded Agents (with direct communication to the Ayla cloud) and devices that communicate to other 3rd party clouds. Once virtualized, devices can be managed in the Ayla Dashboard using a wide breadth of tools designed to monitor, support, and grow IoT device deployments. These tools include log analysis, OTA updates, user management, data analysis, data streaming, and much more.

B2B Opportunities

As a 'device agnostic' platform, Ayla does not restrict on the type of device and is able to support multiple transport protocols including HTTPS, CoAP, and MQTT. In addition, Ayla supports multiple connectivity paths through Embedded Agents running on WiFi or Cellular connected IoT devices (including gateways) with connection to the Ayla Cloud. With device virtualization and connectivity in place, data is freely ingested within the cloud platform and transported to Ayla's application enablement layer that powers purpose-built business applications such as customer care and field service portals.

Drive new B2B revenue by developing and selling vertical applications (e.g., fleet management, asset tracking) that leverage network device connectivity through a singular device virtualization platform

Reduce complexity and support Opex by consolidating management of multiple business lines/systems (e.g., VoIP, video) and new connected home solutions (e.g., security, elder care) into a singular device virtualization platform

B2C Opportunities

With a rich ecosystem of partners, including SaaS providers and product manufacturers, new, compelling home solutions built on the Ayla Platform can be rapidly brought to market and open new revenue channels. In addition, Telcos and Retailers can leverage Ayla's diagnostic service and portals to offer value-added services to their customers such as enhanced support, expedited billing, or help with getting the most benefit from IoT products.

Drive new B2C revenue by connecting, managing, and selling high-value smart home solutions (e.g., security, elder care) through a singular device virtualization platform

Reduce customer churn by analyzing performance of customer devices (e.g., video, VoIP, security, elder care) and pro-actively resolving issues through a singular support application

Retailer and Service Provider Use Cases


As service providers and retailers look to play a great role in the connected home they are increasing the number and variety of connected devices they offer. While some retailers and service providers have developed proprietary systems, the trend is leaning towards open ecosystems that can integrate with multiple platforms. Ayla believes in the open platform approach and has architected its platform to allow for devices leveraging the Ayla cloud to integrate with other devices that are also on open cloud platforms.

Value Added Services

As retailers and service providers look to become key enablers in the IoT space, moving up the values chain is key to their success. Providing additional value added service can not only help them drive additional revenue streams but add to their “stickiness” with end consumers. Ayla can provide the data on device usage and performance that service providers and retails can leverage to provide values added services such as proactive device management and warranty and repair services.

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