Retailers and Service Providers

The Internet of things represents a huge opportunity for retailers and service providers to take advantage of the emerging market for the connected home. It provides them a great opportunity to recapture their market value by adding value to their customers. In addition to being an explosive growth market, the IoT plays well to the retailers and service providers’ strengths such as wide geographic coverage, expertise in offering monthly services and extensive networks of channel and technology partners that can help them meet this large challenge with innovation.

While providing IoT connected devices and services represents tremendous revenue opportunity, delivering the core device connectivity in a scalable and secure manner across multiple devices is not a core strength for most retailers and service providers.

Ayla provides retailers and service providers with a complete cloud platform to enable end-to-end IoT solutions.

Benefits For Retailers

Retailers and service providers, with their pre-existing relationship with the consumer, have a great opportunity to win the battle of the platforms. The IoT enables the flexibility and increased feature sets needed to not only win, but to remain a leader in an ever-changing market.

Communication protocol agnostic platform allows you to support multiple devices from multiple manufacturers

Ability to introduce new services revenue opportunities

Fully federated operating model to serve multiple customer accounts

Customer data analytics to provide intelligence and better understand customer needs

Benefits For Consumers

The IoT can be daunting for consumers as manufacturers, retailers, and service providers all vie for position at the center of the connected home. But in the complexity the IoT creates, it also holds the solution, ensuring greater ease of use and increased user experience.

Centralized management of multiple devices within the home

Consumer data engages users to analyze and optimize their usage

Improved device efficiency and potential energy savings

Increased control and ability to schedule the operation of devices, from anywhere at anytime

Retailer and Service Provider Use Cases


As service providers and retailers look to play a great role in the connected home they are increasing the number and variety of connected devices they offer. While some retailers and service providers have developed proprietary systems, the trend is leaning towards open ecosystems that can integrate with multiple platforms. Ayla believes in the open platform approach and has architected its platform to allow for devices leveraging the Ayla cloud to integrate with other devices that are also on open cloud platforms.

Value Added Services

As retailers and service providers look to become key enablers in the IoT space, moving up the values chain is key to their success. Providing additional value added service can not only help them drive additional revenue streams but add to their “stickiness” with end consumers. Ayla can provide the data on device usage and performance that service providers and retails can leverage to provide values added services such as proactive device management and warranty and repair services.