Ayla Networks Adds Europe IoT Cloud Service, Builds Out its Europe IoT Ecosystem

September 28, 2015

Accelerates launch of IoT products for manufacturers doing business in multiple geographic regions

SUNNYVALE, Calif., September 28, 2015Ayla Networks, whose agile Internet of Things (IoT) platform provides comprehensive connectivity for any kind of product, announced today the launch of its Europe IoT Cloud service and the extension to Europe of key technology partnerships with Amazon AWS, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Marvell, Murata and USI. The Europe cloud joins Ayla clouds in North America and China, through which Ayla and its partners are making it easier for multinational manufacturers to launch and support IoT connected products in multiple regions worldwide.

“Ayla’s core approach to the IoT market has always been to remove the ‘friction’ of IoT connectivity at every level imaginable, and the strict EU privacy regulations add a non-technical layer of complexity for any manufacturer that wants to sell connected products in Europe,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “With the Ayla cloud platform, manufacturers can use the same IoT technology to launch connected versions of their products in multiple regions, instead of duplicating development efforts for each region.”

According to MicroMarketMonitor, the European IoT market is expected to grow from $38.6 billion in 2013 to $131.2 billion by 2019. Because the Ayla Europe cloud is compliant with EU data privacy policies, manufacturers wanting to sell connected products in Europe “inherit” that compliance when they use the Ayla IoT platform. As a result, they can save considerable time and money by not having to design solutions for EU privacy compliance themselves.

Ayla Builds Out its European IoT Ecosystem to Support Global Manufacturers

The strategic partnerships with Wi-Fi chip makers Broadcom, Qualcomm and Marvell, and with module makers Murata and USI, are important foundational elements of Ayla’s growing ecosystem in Europe. Ayla uses Amazon’s AWS cloud service as its global cloud provider, including for its new cloud service in Europe.

“Ayla works with the wireless chip and module makers and cloud service providers that our manufacturing customers use in their connected products,” said Bill Podrasky, vice president of business development at Ayla. “Extending these relationships to the European market will give manufacturers more options for wireless chip and module providers, while also providing new channels for Ayla to reach European manufacturers.

To further expand its European ecosystem, Ayla has:

  • Begun using the AWS EU (Frankfurt) Region cloud infrastructure to support its Europe cloud
  • Made its North America cloud Safe Harbor compliant, which means that European companies can use the Ayla North America cloud and remain compliant with EU privacy regulations
  • Added staff in Europe, including a strategic accounts director and pre-sales engineering personnel
  • Begun working with manufacturers based in Europe as well as U.S.-based manufacturers seeking significant sales in Europe

“We used Ayla’s IoT platform to develop our Smart Sock, the world’s first smart wearable baby monitor, which uses hospital technology (pulse oximetry) to alert you if your baby stops breathing. Now that we are further along in our production, we are looking to expand into other regions. Ayla’s European cloud and IoT ecosystem will allow us to expand more quickly and easily into Europe than we had originally anticipated,” said Kurt Workman, founder and CEO of Owlet, an Ayla customer based in the United States.

Already, Ayla has established its China IoT cloud and created a robust ecosystem to support the regulatory requirements involved in doing business in China. Although Ayla’s underlying cloud technology is the same globally, the company has focused on launching region-specific clouds in China and Europe because they are large IoT markets with strict, specialized non-technical requirements. Elsewhere in the world, Ayla is committed to serving regions where its customers want to offer Ayla-connected products.

About Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks provides the industry’s first Agile IoT platform, accelerating development, support and ongoing enhancements of connected products for the Internet of Things. Ayla’s end-to-end platform runs across devices, cloud and apps to create secure connectivity, data analytics and feature-rich customer experiences. Delivered as a cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Ayla’s Agile IoT platform provides the flexibility and modularity to enable rapid changes to practically any type of device, cloud or app environment. Ayla Networks was named a 2015 Cool Vendor in the Internet of Things by Gartner, Inc. Ayla’s investors include Cisco, the International Finance Corporation, SAIF Partners, Crosslink Capital, Voyager Capital, Linear Venture and SJF Ventures. For more information, visit www.aylanetworks.com.


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